Heavy thunderstorms to impact Dominica, Antigua, Martinique

Tropical Storm Philippe has been strengthening around the Caribbean

Heavy thunderstorms to impact Dominica, Antigua, Martinique
Heavy thunderstorms to impact Dominica, Antigua, Martinique

Weather: Tropical Storm Philippe has been strengthening around the Caribbean. Heavy to very heavy thunderstorms have continued to impact Dominica, Martinique and Guadeloupe spreading to Antigua and Barbuda last hour on the southeast to south of Philippe’s center.

In fact the tops of the thunderstorms have become colder in some spots(pink/magenta colours) with -85C to -90C indicating very tall thunderstorms capable of high rain rates and gusty winds.

The Barbados radar indicates widespread areas of continuous moderate to heavy rain and large areas of scattered to numerous moderate to heavy , some violent/intense between Saint Lucia earlier then north to Martinique, Dominica and Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda.

There are few showers currently around the south Windwards but St Lucia is close enough to the thunderstorms that new convection can form in the unstable air. There remain chances for isolated heavy showers and thunderstorms.

Philippe’s exposed center made landfall on Barbuda at 6pm. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Barbuda and Antigua.

Heavy to very heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and gusty winds are to the south and east of center impacting Guadeloupe, Dominica, parts of Martinique and earlier this afternoon over Barbados where gusts to near 65mph occured. Other scattered thunderstorms are around the St Lucia, St Vincent and Trinidad areas.

Philippe’s center will keep moving WNW then NW and slowly drag heavy thunderstorms with some severe weather across the north Windwards and Leewards overnight to Tuesday.

Flash flooding, landslides and rockfalls are possible in areas of heavy to intense rainfall. Recently, Dominica and Guadeloupe appear higher risk continuing next few hours.

NHC new track shows that the center of Philippe has moved more west than the previous forecast… in early morning visible the center can be seen partially under dying thunderstorms 95 miles east of Antigua near 17N 60.5W.

Aircarft recently found it near 16.8N 60.4W so it has moved more west last few hours although the longer average is WNW. The heaviest thunderstorms with very heavy rainfall is currently to the south and east of the center close to the east of Barbados and the rest of the central to north Lesser Antilles.

Residents in the Leewards and central Windwards from St. Vincent, Saint Lucia Barbados north should monitor closely and prepare for potentially heavy rainfall periods that could lead to isolated to scattered flash flooding events as some of these heavy rainbands could move closer and over some islands.

A rainband is around Saint Lucia since early morning producing intermittent moderate to heavy showers. Other rainbands are moving through Barbados, the Leewards and Guadeloupe. The rainbands should generally increase in frequency later today and tonight.