Harris and Gayle arrested with 65 pound ganja in St Elizabeth

Harris and Gayle arrested and charged with possessing 65 pound ganja by the police in a operation in St Elizabeth on Tuesday.

33-year-old man remanded in charge of St Catherine robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
33-year-old man remanded in charge of St Catherine robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Jamaica: Two men, Harris and Gayle, got arrested and charged with possessing 65 pounds of ganja by the police in a successful operation at Burnt Savannah in St Elizabeth, a parish in the southwestern part of Jamaica, on Tuesday, 16 January.

The suspects arrested in a successful operation by St Elizabeth police with Ganja are identified as a 32-year-old man named Nehemiah Harris, also called Ted, who worked as a taxi operator and lives on Rodney Road.

The other suspect was identified as Jabari Gayle, also known as Tall Man, who lives at Spanish Town Road. Both of the suspects belonged to Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.

As per the reports, the incident took place when officers from St Elizabeth police under the operation observed a grey Toyota Probox motor car of the 2010 model. Police officers stopped and searched the suspicious car in which two suspects, Harris and Gayle, were sitting.

After the search of the vehicle, police officers recovered three large black plastic bags containing vegetables. After the examination, ganja was discovered of around 65 pounds in weight possessed by the suspects.

The suspects, Harris and Gayle, were immediately arrested by St Elizabeth police officers and charged with the offences of possession of ganja with dealing and trafficking of the illegal substance.

The suspects are under police custody, and officers are interrogating them to extract relevant information that can lead to the arrest of the related culprits in the crime.

People of the communities around St Elizabeth and the nation, after knowing about the arrest of culprits Harris and Gayle for possessing ganja, are sharing their opinions on the issue.

People are saying, “Taxi driver again. We are seeing that recently, criminals have started using taxis for their criminal activities. Recently, many cases came out for robbery and murders where taxi drivers were the culprits, and now one more. And this is not just in Jamaica but across the Caribbean.”

People also appreciated the police department for their active approach towards neutralising the crime in the nation and conducting a successful operation to seize illegal ganja.

The police department is conducting investigations and inquiries actively to find more clues related to the matter that can lead to more successful operations.

The police are expecting that this case can be related to many such activities around the nation and can bring a link to many big criminals and gangs operating in the nation.