Haiti started its first mass COVID vaccination drive

Haiti: The Caribbean country of Haiti has started its first COVID-19 mass vaccination drive for the healthcare workers and the citizens above the age group of 65 years.

The Caribbean country received its first donation of the COVID-19 vaccines after the assassination of its President Jovenel Moise, when he was shot dozen times on 7 July 2021 at his private residence.

Haiti is one of the last nations in the world to make the vaccine available. The big question now lies whether Haiti can overcome the political instability & high levels of distrust among the citizens to get people vaccinated. Still, some of the health officials are optimistic regarding the matter.

Dr Jean William Pape, who is a veteran physician who has been on the front lines of Haiti’s HIV/AIDS crisis and co-leads the country’s efforts against COVID-19 on the arrival of vaccines, has asserted that “It’s a huge boost for us.”

Earlier this year, Haiti denied two offers of AstraZeneca COVID-19 doses — first from India and then from COVAX, the global vaccine sharing program.

Earlier, the case numbers at the time were low in Haiti, and COVID-19 wasn’t high on the list of concerns for Haitian officials or even many residents.

But after the COVID-19 cases started to spike in the month of May, health officials in Port-au-Prince chose to move forward with efforts to launch a mass immunization program.

Earlier in the month of July, the US government has sent half a million doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine through the COVAX facility to the Caribbean nation of Haiti.

In addition, widow of the President Jovenel Moise, – Martina Moise, has hinted at her candidacy for the Presidency. She was also shot in the assassination attack on her husband and was later taken to Florida for her treatment.