Haiti Prez Jovenel Moïse greets people on Christmas

Haiti president Jovenel Moise greets on the occasion of the Christmas through the social media.

Haiti president Jovenel Moïse greets on the occasion of the Christmas through the social media.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Haiti president  Jovenel Moïse greets on the occasion of the Christmas through the social media.

He said, “When hope for unity fades, and division wants to gain the upper hand, it takes the courage of men and women of great conviction to rekindle the flame. Despite the pitfalls, let’s keep moving forward because we have a country to save together. Merry Christmas to everyone.”

On PM wishes many Haiti replied warmly, Jean Heber Bellefleur said”Thank you, Honorable Mr President and the First Lady! I am very proud of your fierce Will, how much more your bravery to finally lead the boat of this torn and slandered nation to port. You are a challenging task, but know that Haiti belongs to God and God for Haiti. It gives you the chance to lead the reins of power in Haiti. But, is he the Cornerstone in all major State decisions at all levels? If you are in trouble today, it is because I feel that God is absent in everything that is done across the whole country. Otherwise, we were already doing a lot of Achievements for too long. May God continue to watch over you, your family, the entire Haitian People and Haiti! Haiti will never perish, and it will be reborn from its worthy sons. Happy Holidays to you all!”

Another resident of Haiti Angeleau Dalusma added”Merry knot M, the president, courage, good work we await their results, especially with the insecurity across the departments.”

Joseph Nicolas Petit added, “Merry Christmas to the President of the Republic and to Madam the First Lady.”

With the congratulations message President of Haiti also posted pictures of the construction of roads and said”The people of the Northwest are just like everyone else. The time has arrived for us to get our share of social justice. It is our right to have roads that connect these communes together (Bombadopolis, Bèdeyèn, Mole Saint Nicholas.”

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