Haiti: President Moise extends tenure of PM Joseph for 30 days

The President of Haiti - Jovenel Moise, has extended the tenure of the Prime Minister - Claude Joseph, for thirty days.

Haiti: The President of Haiti – Jovenel Moise, has extended the tenure of the Prime Minister – Claude Joseph, for thirty days.

Joseph has thanked the President for the interim extension and stated that “While acknowledging the enormity of the challenges of the moment, I am convinced that with commitment of solidarity and the open collaboration of all the government members, we would continue to rise to the task.”

Earlier, the President of Haiti had announced that he would renew the mandate proffered to Joseph and stated that “Together, we can do it.”

Following the statement, Joseph added that “The government of Haiti was again asking the supporters/friends of the opposition to take the outstretched hand of the Head of State, to sit at the table of discussion with a view to the summing-up of an agreement leading to the establishment of a government of national understanding.”

President of the Upper House – Joseph Lambert, also reacted to the extension and called this as the decision of wisdom and added that this is the time for a political settlement that would eventually bring the government of national unity.

On the other hand, one of the opposition leaders has called this extension decision a waste of time.

A few days back, it was announced that the constitutional referendum in Haiti had been programmed for June 27, 2021, had been postponed after the nation underwent an upsurge in the COVID-19 cases. Thus, this has been the first referendum in Haiti since 1987, which the Moise government unilaterally proposed.

The President has stated that “The referendum is important as the government moves to amend the constitution. I have been facing calls for his resignation and has been ruling by decree after legislative elections due in the year 2018 were held and following disputes on when his own term ends.”

He further informed that the presidential, legislative and the local elections are programmed for the month of September this year.

Joseph Jouthe, in the month of April, had announced his resignation from the office, as Haiti faced a surge in killings and kidnappings, after Joseph was being announced as the new Prime Minister by the President in the month of April 2021. Joseph served as the Prime Minister since 2020.