Haiti: Martine Moise indicates her candidature for upcoming presidential elections

Haiti: Martine Moise with her husband Jovenel Moise
Haiti: Martine Moise with her husband Jovenel Moise

The wife of the assassinated President of Haiti, Martine Moise, has indicated the probability of contesting the presidential elections. The possibility comes after merely a month of Jovenel Moise’s death, who was assassinated at his personal residence in Port-Au-Prince on
July 7 2021.

Martine Moise, who was also injured in the attack, is now back on her feet and returned from Miami after undergoing treatment. She said her husband Jovenel Moise had a vision, and Haitians will not let that down. She made the recent remarks during an interview with the New York Times newspaper.

The widow of the Haitian president also stated that she is thinking of running for presidential elections after her treatment of the wounded arm is done.

Martine revealed that the assessments were looking for some particular document at their residence, which they eventually found after. She said she didn’t know what documents they were seeking.

Furthermore, she said that assassins did not speak Creole or French; instead, they only spoke Spanish and talked to someone on the phone, saying they have searched the room.

Telling the horrors of the night, she said that one of those assassins even wave a flashlight into her eyes to check whether she was dead or alive. Mrs Moise also said that the killers must be caught, else they would murder every president who gets into power.

Moise, 47, said that the 30 to 50 men were usually posted at her house whenever her husband was at home.

She also said none of his guards was killed or even wounded, “I do not understand how none of the guards were shot or wounded in the incidence,”

So far, more than 30 people have been arrested by the Haitian authorities, including three Haitian Americans based in Miami.

Jovenel Moise, who was the president of the poorest country in the Caribbean, had been remaining in the office with the decree since last year. Before being replaced, Prime minister Claude Joseph had declared that presidential and legislative elections would be held on September 26, with another round set for November.

Dr Ariel Henr- A 71-year-old neurosurgeon, replaced Claude in mid-July. At his swearing-in ceremony, Henry said he had planned to meet with various sectors of society to build a political consensus to address the problems Haiti faces.