Grenada govt partnering with diaspora to support bus operators amid COVID-19

The Ministry of Transport proceeds to provide support to bus operators to assist them in improving compliance with COVID-19 protocols and coping with the pandemic's economic impact.

St George: The Ministry of Transport proceeds to provide support to bus operators to assist them in improving compliance with COVID-19 protocols and coping with the pandemic’s economic impact.

Through the Ministry’s programme of relief, bus operators are presented with sanitisation fluid and masks to expand their personal stock.

The Ministry has given 600 litres of sanitisation liquid in a three-week period, in addition to masks through its cooperation with the diaspora and business communities.

The government has consistently stressed the need for collaboration and partnership to fight the COVID-19 pandemic successfully.

The government, therefore, extended appreciation to all private sector and diaspora allies who have made relevant contributions to the public transport sector at this critical period.

These include Geo. F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd., Clarke’s Court Rum and Grenadians in Canada and New York, through the Desk of Diaspora Affairs.

The Ministry is connecting the Grenada Ports Authority to provide bus operators with a waiver of bus terminal charges. This compensation amounts to about $20,000 weekly, appearing in a corresponding loss of revenue for the Grenada Ports Authority, which is still required to manage the terminal and reach staff salary.

It is expected that since the beginning of the pandemic, the Grenada Ports Authority, through its partnership with the Ministry of Transport, has awarded a waiver of terminal charges amounting to approximately one million dollars, even while it bears its own resource challenges.

Bus operators are also benefitting from bonus fuel given by Sol EC Ltd, through an drive that started on September 16, and ends on October 1.
All Sol service stations will give 10% added fuel which implies that for every $50 worth of fuel bought, bus operators will get an additional $5 in free fuel for the two weeks.

The Ministry of Transport is also involved in consultation with RUBiS concerning support for the sector.

Additionally, Government has begun re-engaging auto part merchants to determine their readiness to provide concessions on auto parts to bus drivers. Three businesses have already provided positive responses.

Minister for Transport, Senator Norland Cox, has lauded the ministry’s associates for their collaboration in facilitating the extended and safe conduct of the public transportation sector.

He stated, “COVID-19 has not only influenced Government’s revenue stream but also that of businesses and households. Businesses, like Government, are now compelled to do more with less to combat the pandemic and protect lives and livelihoods.

This entails a daily balancing act and despite this challenge, they proceed to give valuable assistance and work in partnership with the government.

Therefore, the government recognized the sterling aiding of donors and industry stakeholders in managing the public transport sector operating at this crucial point. “We urge the travelling public to follow the health and safety measures of the Ministry of Health when travelling.”