Gregory Roberts found guilty for Shineka murder in Montego Bay

Gregory Roberts found guilty by a jury of seven members on 24 January in 2017 murder case of Shineka Gray in Montego Bay.

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Image Credit: Facebook,

Jamaica: Gregory Roberts, the suspect in the 2017 murder case of a 15-year-old school girl named Shineka Gray in Montego Bay, was found guilty by a jury of seven members on Wednesday, 24 January, in the Saint James Circuit Court. Roberts will be sentenced by Justice Bertram Morrison of the high court on 7 March 2024.

The victim of the Montego Bay case who got killed by Roberts was identified with the name of Shineka Gray, who was a student in the tenth grade at Green Pond High School in Saint James.

As per the reports, Shineka was last seen alive in Montego Bay, Saint James, while she was going back to her home after attending the funeral of a schoolmate, after which she went missing.

After three days, on 1 February 2017, Shineka was found dead in Irwin, a community in Montego Bay, with multiple wounds of stabbing on the body. After the investigation by the police department, Roberts got arrested with one more suspect named Mario Morrison, who was involved in the murder of Shineka.

In the Montego Bay murder case of Shineka, suspect Morrison was already sentenced guilty and given imprisonment for life in September 2022.

It is mentioned that the evidence against Roberts was presented to the court for the Shineka murder case in the trials of last November month. Roberts had Morrison record the fatal stabbing was also included in that.

It was said that the incident of murder was in relation to the ex-girlfriend of Roberts and financial give and take. As per the reports, Roberts accused his ex-girlfriend of conning money out of him and never returning.

In relation to the case, Roberts gave a statement on 11 January 2024 where he mentioned that “I provided taxi services for Morrison and two other individuals to Granville in Saint James on the night of 29 January 2017.” He never mentioned anything about the victim, Shineka Gray, in his statement.

The local resident of Montego Bay and the communities around the nation who were following the case of Shineka murder shared their opinions after learning about the verdict of the jury against Roberts.

People are saying, “Thanks to the seven citizens of Jamaica who listened to the evidence and the instructions of the judge and came to the right conclusion in finding this devil from hell guilty of murder. Wish his penalty was death but seen this is not possible, i wish he live with ants, rats and maggots feasting on his flesh every day of his life until he dies. Sleep in peace Shineka and to the family, i hope one day your heart will heal.”

People also said, “the family will never get justice, that young lady will never live again. It is good that the system works in this case, all crimes must be equally prosecuted.”