Gravedigger robbed in Tunapuna Cemetery

Gravedigger became victim of robbery at the public cemetery of Tunapuna while digging a grave on Tuesday, 16 January.

Three men injured in a shooting attack in Kingston. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad & Tobago News
Three men injured in a shooting attack in Kingston. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad & Tobago News

Trinidad and Tobago: A gravedigger became a victim of a robbery while digging a grave at the public cemetery of Tunapuna, a town in the northwest part of Trinidad, on Tuesday, 16 January, around 6:30 pm. The identity of the victim is not confirmed yet.

As per the reports, the incident of robbery took place with the gravedigger when he was preparing for the burial on the next day, for which he was digging the grave at Tunapuna public cemetery in the evening at nearly 6:30 pm.

When the gravedigger was busy with his work and digging the grave, unexpectedly, two men approached him, among whom one was armed with a firearm.

It is said that after observing two men with a gun approaching him, the gravedigger panicked and ran away from the place to save his life.

After a short distance, the victim gravedigger stopped and looked back at the suspects where they were searching the vehicle belonging to the gravedigger.

It is said after an attempted robbery, suspects fled from the scene, after which the victim, a gravedigger, went back to his vehicle to find what happened.

The gravedigger discovered that his side bag of Gucci brand was missing from the vehicle, which was carrying his smartphone, driving license and identity card.

The gravedigger immediately reported the robbery of Tunapuna to the police department, in response to which officers from the local police station took charge and went to the scene.

After visiting the place of the robbery, officers confirmed the report and started the investigation after recording the statement of the victim.

People around the communities of Tunapuna, after knowing the incident of robbery with a gravedigger, got worried about the security and safety of the region.

People are saying, “Now it is scary to even live in our own home. It seems like someone will come inside forcefully and will take everything we earned, maybe kill us. Why our police authorities are not able to neutralise the situation? Why they can’t maintain law in the nation? What is the problem? We can’t even say anything to the criminals because they can’t hear anything. They are mad for money.”

People of the communities are demanding the quick arrest of the suspects and all the robbers in the nation and punish them so that the situation can come under control.

Police officers are conducting investigations and inquiries around the region to trace the suspect.