Government forces Aroosa Alam to leave India to create pressure on Captain Amrinder Singh

Aroosa Alam- A close friend of Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amrinder Singh, has been sent back to her home country, Pakistan.

Aroosa Alam- Former Pakistani Journalist
Aroosa Alam- Former Pakistani Journalist

Aroosa Alam- A close friend of Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amrinder Singh, has been sent back to her home country, Pakistan. Sources state that the Indian government denied extending her visa any further.

There are speculations that the Bhartiya Janata Party government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, refused to extend Aroosa Alam’s visa to put weight on Punjab Chief Minister as Chief Minister wanted her to stay during New Year celebrations.

As per sources, BJP did this to create pressure on Captain Amrinder Singh – so that he kneels to stop the farmers’ demonstrations on the borders of the national capital New Delhi.

Indian government understands that Aroosa shares a close relationship with Captain Amrinder Singh, and their sudden separation would force the Punjab government head to back step from supporting farmers protesting against the three farm laws.

Captain Amrinder Singh had known Aroosa since 2004 when they met each other at a function organized by then Chief Minister of Pakistan’s Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi.

After the first meeting, Aroosa came from Pakistan to attend the inauguration of the Press Club, Jalandhar, from where the relationship started to get stronger and is still in continuance. Jalandhar based businessman and industrialist brought her to the city to organize a special meeting.

A former journalist, Aroosa Alam is the daughter of Akleen Akhtar, a socialite who influenced Pakistan’s politics in the 1970s. Alam’s mother was known as General Rani, Pakistan leader Yahya Khan’s mistress and whose rise is a legend. She was viewed as the most powerful woman in Pakistan between 1969 to 1971.

Aroosa Alam is also married is the mother of two, including Fakhar-e-Alam- a Pakistani actor and film producer.

The relationship of Aroosa Alam and Captain Amrinder Singh has been long a topic of discussion by opposition parties.

Indian and Aroosa’s home country Pakistan have been involved in a number of wars, conflicts, and military stand-offs ever since separation in 1947.

Seema Mustafa of Indian news publication The Quint refers to Aroosa Alam as very attractive and hospitable.

Farmers of several states across India, including Punjab state, have gathered in large numbers on the outskirts of Delhi to oppose the three farm laws that are endangering their own rights.

It has been more than two months since these peaceful protestors are sitting in minus degree temperatures to demand the Indian government to take back the laws what farmers call “black laws.”

The Indian government is attempting to go on every road to stop these demonstrations. The protests received international recognition after the peaceful departure of these farmers to Delhi was halted with water cannons and tear gases.

The BJP government of India continues to take the side of these laws, and so far, all conversations between farm leaders and government leaders have been inconclusive.

The farmers claim these laws are only created to favor corporates, mainly the Ambani and Adani. Besides this, these three laws are being largely criticized by farming communities of Punjab and Harayana, where APMC ( Agricultural Produce Market Committee) is still protecting and safeguarding farmers from the exploitation of large retailers.