Golden Grove shooting attack kills 56-year-old man

56-year-old man declared dead after found lifeless due to a lethal shooting attack in Golden Grove, Saint Ann on Monday, 01 April.

Police investigate two robbery cases of Maraval.
Police investigate two robbery cases of Maraval.

Jamaica: A 56-year-old man was declared dead in the hospital after he was found lifeless and wounded by multiple gunshots due to a lethal shooting attack on him in the Golden Grove locality of the Saint Ann parish on the morning of Monday, 01 April, around 7:30 am. It is said the attack took place on the night of Sunday, 31 March, around 10:30 pm.

The act of shooting crime against the victim was reported to the police department by a local resident of the area where the man was found injured and bleeding. The finding was done after the people in the neighbourhood heard the sound of the gun firing on the previous day of Sunday, but they went out and spotted the body on the morning of the next day.

The investigating officers from the Claremont police took charge of the case after getting the information of finding a wounded body of the shooting attack in Golden Grove, Saint Ann, at nearly 7:30 am.

Detectives from the police department arrived at the Golden Grove location near the Fesco service station. At the crime scene, the police officers discovered the body of the victim who was lying on his back covered with his own blood.

Straight after the investigation was initiated after confirming the reports while the area was seized and marked as a crime spot. On examination of the body, the investigating officers found multiple marks of gunshots on his chest and head.

the police department, after the investigation, mentioned the deceased victim with his documented name as Alcan Rose. The victim was also known by other names, such as Badness and Bax.

Later, the body of the victim of the lethal attack in Golden Grove was taken to the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital for further proceedings, where he was confirmed to be dead on papers. The police department is continuing with inquiries and investigations to take the case in the direction where they can find and arrest the culprits of the crime.

The culprits are asking the people of the community to cooperate in the operation with the police officers who are conducting inquiries to collect relevant clues. The police officers are trying to know the reason for the fatal attack on the dead man and also how many culprits were involved in the crime at night.