Four robbery accused in Saint Catherine released by court

Four men charged with robbery case of stolen car in 2022, released by Court of Saint Catherine on Monday, 12 February.

Four robbery accused in Saint Catherine released by court. Image Credit: Facebook, Jamaica Gleaner
Four robbery accused in Saint Catherine released by court. Image Credit: Facebook, Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica: Four men who were charged with the offence of robbery after getting arrested in the case of the stolen car by the police in the month of October 2022 were released by the Parish Court of Saint Catherine after the victim of the robbery did not appear in the court on Monday, 12 February.

The four suspects of Saint Catherine who were released from the robbery charges are identified with the names Richard Beckford, Nikon Angus, Tanecia Palmer and Joel Saunders, who all belong to the Corporate Area.

As per the reports, the four suspects were facing the law and were taken to court under the allegations in the case of robbery. The incident of the robbery took place on the morning of 12 October 2022, at nearly 6:05 am in the Braeton area of Portmore town in Saint Catherine, a parish in the southeastern part of Jamaica.

Reportedly, in the robbery, the motor vehicle of the victim was taken by the suspects of the day. The incident of the Saint Catherine robbery was immediately informed to the police department in response to which the police officers from the Portmore police station took charge and started the investigation into the case.

The police officers conducted the investigation and inquiries in relation to the case to trace the suspects involved in the robbery. The investigation eventually led the police officers to the finding of the stolen vehicle, which took them to the Three Miles area in the Corporate Area.

The four individuals were arrested by the police officers after that on suspicion of being involved in the crime. The individuals were eventually charged with the relevant offences after interrogation.

At the court, in the latest hearing, the lawyers in favour of the four accused argued that the victim and the complainant not being present in the court consistently. The absence of the complainant was mentioned as a miscarriage of justice by the lawyers, and requested to close the case by releasing the innocents.

It is said that since the arrest of the four accused in the Saint Catherine robbery case, they were taken to the court multiple times for hearing, but the victim of the case never appeared in the court to take his stance.

The suspects were represented in the court under accusation by the attorneys-at-law, Davian Vassell, Kimberli Whitticker, Shadae Bailey and Ayisha Robb Cunningham, in front of the judge.

The suspects in the case appeared in front of Janelle Nelson Gayle, who is the judge in the parish court. Judge Janelle gave the verdict in favour of the four individuals while releasing them from the robbery charges.