Former DCP Oswyn Allard becomes victim of robbery in Barataria

76-year-old former DCP Oswyn Allard became victim of robbery outside of his house in Barataria locality of San Juan on 25 February.

Three men, one woman held with illegal weapon in Montego Bay. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago
Three men, one woman held with illegal weapon in Montego Bay. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: A 76-year-old former DCP became the victim of a robbery in which a suspect took his motor vehicle forcibly from outside of his house in the Barataria locality of San Juan, a town in the northwestern part of Trinidad, on Sunday, 25 February, around 2:00 am.

The victim of the robbery in Barataria is identified with his name of Oswyn Allard, who served as previously as a Deputy Commissioner of Police, commonly called DCP.

As per the reports, the incident of robbery on the former DCP in Barataria took place on the day at nearly 2:00 am while the victim was in his motor vehicle outside his home. The victim was at the time sleeping in his motor vehicle which was a Nissan Almera car of white colour when the suspect went to the place.

It is mentioned that the door of the vehicle was left open by the victim while sleeping. The suspect approached the victim, Oswyn Allard, with aggression and forcefully pilled and threw him out of the car.

It is said that before the old victim became aware of what happened the suspect entered the car and took its possession. Straight after the suspect fled from the place with the motor vehicle that belonged to the victim, Allard.

The incident of robbery on a former DCP in Barataria was immediately informed to the police department. In response to the report, the officers from the local police department took charge and went to the place of robbery.

After arriving at the site of the crime, the police officers confirmed the report after recording the statement of the victim, former DCP, and started the early investigation. The police are continuing the investigation and conducted inquiries in the case to trace the suspect involved in the crime who is still on the run.

The local people of the communities around Barataria and the citizens of the island nation are sharing their views on the case after hearing about the incident of robbery on the former DCP. The people are also worried about the safety and security of the region.

People are saying, “How we are going to fight crime if the government officers are not even safe in this country? Is this really explainable? We are living in a corrupt society where criminals are revolving everywhere around. Who knows, who among us become the next victim.”

People are also saying, “What the old man was doing outside his house at that time and too sleeping inside the car? What was happened? And most importantly that how a former officer can commit mistakes like sleeping while the door open. That is clearly a bait for criminals.”