Father accuses his ex-wife of physically abusing him and his children

Devon Khan, 26, a father 3 and of Wales, West Bank Demerara (WBD), has broken his silence and revealed how his ex-wife physically and verbally abused him and his children

Father accuses his ex-wife of physically abusing him and his children
Father accuses his ex-wife of physically abusing him and his children

Devon Khan, 26, a father of three and of Wales, West Bank Demerara (WBD), has revealed that his ex-wife physically and verbally abused him and his children.

He said that he has had enough and is tired of the constant abuse he and his children have to face at the hands of the woman.

The abusive woman has been identified as Carla Troatman, 43, of Yarrowkabra, Linden-Soesdyke Highway. The three children are ages 3, 1, and 4 months old.

In the horrific video that Khan posted to his Facebook account on Monday, Troatman was seen beating and heard nastily cursing the three children as they cried bitterly. She dragged the kids and flung them together and even said to the children that “she is sorry she ever took them in, as she pulled their hair”.

The incident occurred at Yarrowkabra, Linden-Soesdyke Highway, on Monday.

The video went viral on social media, was seen by this publication, and contact was made with Khan. An interview was conducted, and the man revealed that he and Throtman had been living together for five years, but because she constantly abused him and his children, he put an end to their relationship last month.

Khan revealed that the abuse started four years ago. He said that the woman would verbally abuse him. However, last month, he said the woman again abused him and provoked him. He claimed that he lost control and physically assaulted the woman. It was after that he ended the relationship.

“The abuse started four years ago. She started to abuse me one year after we got together. Then our first child came along, and she started to abuse her as well, and then the boys came along, and they too go through it. It kept happening until last month when she again abused me verbally. I lost control of myself because she provoked me. She is a person like this, she will curse you and do you the most hurtful things, so I lost it and I got physically with her and after that I ended the relationship with her because I’m tired of the abuse me and my children have to go through, ” Khan added.

Further the man said that after he and the woman separated he moved back to Wales where he is originally from, the woman was allowed to keep his children since he has no family members that can assist him to take care of the children while he work.

The man said on Monday that he received a video from the woman, which showed video of how she verbally and physically abused the children.

Khan said: “When I saw that video, my heart broke into a million pieces. I controlled myself and posted the video on social media to get the authorities to intervene and help me and my children. I went to the police and a few other places and took out a restraining order against her after collecting my children. She has been on the run since then. We don’t know her location.”

Asked Khan why he didn’t seek help earlier since the abuse started.

The man said: “Like I said earlier, I have no family or so to help me with the children and to do it on my own it’s very hard because it is three of them. Since yesterday I collected my kids, I didn’t get to go to work. But I’m tired. I sat down and told myself that i will speak out to get help, and with the help that I receive I will use that as a push start to put things place to keep my children with me and work towards bettering our lives. My plan right now is to get help, to put them at a daycare so that i can goto work and we will build from there, but as it is right now i have no finances or anything so I need help. The Ministry made contact with me and has promised to help as well. If I can get help and support to take care of my children alone, that would help tremendously.”