Fatal shooting at Courts megastore parking lot in Trinidad

Shooting in the premises of Courts megastore located on Churchill Roosevelt Highway in Barataria, Trinidad, on Sunday, 17 December.

Shooting in the premises of Courts megastore. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
Shooting in the premises of Courts megastore. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: A fatal shooting took place in the premises of Courts megastore located on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in Barataria, a neighbourhood in San Juan town of Trinidad, on Sunday, 17 December.

In the shooting, four individuals were shot, among whom a woman and a man lost their lives, while another woman and man sustained multiple gunshot injuries and were taken to the hospital in time to get medical attention.

As per the early reports, it was around 1:00 pm near the vehicle in the parking lot of the store when the shooting happened during the confrontation involving a police officer.

Sources provided by the police indicate that the confrontation started because of the alleged robbery attempt by the victim individuals on the officer. He just fired the shots for his self-defence, the officer said.

On the other hand, the family of the victim highlights the different side of the story, where the shooting started when the victims were trying to recover their own money from someone.

They said victims came to the store on Sunday just to reclaim their $11,000. Allegedly, they had given money to someone who promised them to secure furniture and appliances at half price, which was not fulfilled.

A stepdaughter of the woman killed in the recent shooting at Courts Megastore in Trinidad spoke to reporters, expressing the profound impact of the loss on her family. She detailed the challenges they face, emphasizing the crucial role the victim played in supporting the whole family, including a disabled brother with medical tubes in his neck and stomach.

Courts Megastore, operated by Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd, issued a statement regarding the tragic incident: “Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd is saddened by the incident that occurred at our Courts Megastore car park on Sunday, where two assailants were shot and killed, and others were injured by an off-duty police officer.”

Preliminary information from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) indicates that the off-duty officer was involved in a private transaction in the Courts Megastore car park. The situation escalated physically, with those involved unaware that the off-duty officer was armed.

Authorities and emergency services were immediately notified after the shooting, and the area around the Courts Megastore was temporarily closed.

Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd is providing special counseling services through their Employee Assistance Programme to support staff affected by this traumatic incident.

The company reiterated its commitment to the safety and security of both staff and customers. They reminded the public that the store car park is intended solely for parking vehicles and should not be used for personal financial or business transactions.

Emphasizing customer and staff safety, the company stated that the security team is taking the incident seriously and promised to implement necessary steps for a safe shopping experience during the festive season.

The community awaits further updates from law enforcement authorities on the shooting incident at Courts Megastore to gain a clearer understanding of this complex situation.