Famous Gorilla Ndakasi died fighting for her life in Congo

Famous Gorilla Ndakasi died fighting for her life in Congo
Famous Gorilla Ndakasi died fighting for her life in Congo

Orphan Gorilla Ndakasi, when she was 2 months old, she met Andre Bauma. During that moment, she was holding the dead body of her mother. Similarly she Ndakasi was holding her master, Bauma, when she died. The day Nadakasi died, she was reported of 14 years in age.

After being adopted, once Ndakasi touched the limits of global fame. In 2019 a selfie of Ndakasi with Ndeze, another female gorilla selfie, was being taken by a ranger of Virunga National Park in Congo. Ndakasi was a mountain gorilla in the Democratic Republic of Congo, rocketed to global fame.

In Selfie, Ndakasi and another female gorilla possed with the ranger in a T-shirt. The photo surfaced on the internet and every social media. One gorilla looks over her left shoulder, chin down, a just-another-day look on her face, peering toward the camera. The other is leaning forward as if determined to make it into the shot, a hint of a smile at the edge of her mouth. Heyy! Behind them is another ranger, hands behind his back, peering intensely at the scene.

In 2007 she was born in the family group of Kabirizi. It is referred to as one of the eight gorilla families living in the area of a 3,000-square-mile park. This is situated between the areas of Uganda and Rwanda.

According to the park’s statement, during the year Ndakasi was born, there were just 720 mountain gorillas on the planet. Now, that number has grown to above 1,000, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

The park on Wednesday declared that Ndakasi had died on Sep 26th after a long-suffering from a bad illness. Her health was continuously getting worse.

On Thursday, the park said Mr Bauma was not available for interviews.

Mr. Bauma said that getting to know Ndakasi had “helped me to understand the connection between humans and great apes and why we should do everything in our power to protect them. I loved her like a child,” he added, “and her cheerful personality brought a smile to my face every time I interacted with her.”