Family becomes victim of robbery in Penal, man assaulted

Another robbery reported in Penal, a family became the victim and was assaulted physically by four home invaders on 25 March.

Family became victim of robbery in Penal, man got assaulted. Image Credit: Facebook, The Newnan Times-Herald
Family became victim of robbery in Penal, man got assaulted. Image Credit: Facebook, The Newnan Times-Herald

Trinidad and Tobago: Another robbery was reported in the town of Penal, in which a family including two pensioners, became the victim and was assaulted physically after getting tied up by four home invaders in the early morning of Monday, 25 March, around 3:30 am.

As per the reports, the family, victims of the Penal robbery case, were sleeping at their home at the time when four suspects forced themselves inside the house and awoken the family to announce the criminal act.

The two earning members of the family were a 33-year-old taxi driver and a 30-year-old nurse, among whom the suspect took the taxi driver under their charge and started assaulting him physically. The suspects approached the family members aggressively and threatened them for their lives.

Subsequently, the four home invaders forced the family members into separate rooms and tied them up to confirm that they didn’t make any move against them. The suspects ransacked the whole house to collect the valuables they could find in the house after which they immediately left the crime scene.

The suspects left the victim’s family in the same condition while leaving the place after collecting the phones of the family members with jewellery, thirteen thousand US dollars, and six thousand Trinidad and Tobago dollars in cash.

Reportedly, after the four robbery suspects left the family house at the Penal, the family members somehow managed to untie them from the bondage and report the act of crime to the police department.

In response to the information of the robbery in the area of their authority, the investigating officers arrived at the place to take the charge. After arriving at the robbery site of Penal, the police officers recorded the statement of the family and confirmed the report of the criminal act.

The house was seized for the initial investigation to collect clues left behind by the suspects after which the search for the suspect was launched. The investigation into the robbery case under the guidance of Cpl Subhag and PC Gay.

The taxi driver, a member of the family, who was assaulted physically by the suspects and left injured was transferred to the hospital for treatment under observation of medical staff. The victim of the assault was later reported to be in stable condition.

As the inquiries in the case is ongoing, the connection of the robbery is assumed to be with the another case of robbery which took place just previous day in Penal. In that case also, a couple was robbed in the same way after getting tied up by the robbers.