EXCLUSIVE: What makes Dominica top list of beautiful islands in 2023 

Dominica has been named the #1 island again in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas by Travel + Leisure.

EXCLUSIVE: What makes Dominica top list of beautiful islands in 2023 
EXCLUSIVE: What makes Dominica top list of beautiful islands in 2023 

Roseau, Dominica: Dominica has been named the #1 island again in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas by Travel + Leisure. The nature isle scored 93.66 from the readers of the magazine, who weighed the destination as the most beautiful and distinctive in the Caribbean. 

Along with that, Dominica has also been voted as the #8 island by Travel + Leisure’s readers for the consecutive second year. With its efficient appeal for eco-minded travellers, the nature isle makes them get lost in its rainforests, hot springs, and black-sand shores. 

The rating has been dialled by readers with several factors. They have explored the islands in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas and showcased the beauty part of each of them. As per them, some island offers stunning activities, some consist of alluring beaches, and others are the homes of the white sand or peaceful coves surrounded by rocks. 

However, it was the Nature Isle that once again earned the reader’s highest marks, securing the No.1 spot. The recognition positions Dominica in the world, enhancing its global impact and appeal. It serves as a catalyst for the development of the small island developing state, fostering a multiplier effect that extends far beyond beauty. 

As per the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine, the island nations become the first choice of the travellers in 2023 due to its exceptional and distinctive offerings. These readers emphasized that Caribbean islands consist of well-heeled crowds and white-sand beaches, which can be helpful to make the journey of the travellers special and mesmerizing. 

But the offerings of the Nature Isle are beyond the beauty as it helps in making the travellers’ journey memorable and adventurous. The readers lauded the friendly and welcoming people of the country. Several activities, such as hiking to sites like the famed volcanic Boiling Lake and the serene Emerald Pool in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, distinguish the country from others. 

Besides this, the island’s rugged glories make the journey of travellers special with excitement. Secret Bay Dominica is also there to add an extra-luxurious environment and emerged as this year’s reader-favourite Caribbean resort. 

Over the past decade, Dominica has encountered various challenges that diverted its trajectory. Defying all odds, the country has stood tall and led towards new phases of development. The entire scenario differentiated Dominica from other islands. 

The new journey of regeneration and resilience positioned the country as an example on the global stage. With its unique blend of beauty, Sustainability and resilience, Dominica attracts the attention of travellers as well as investors across the globe. 

How Dominica turns exceptional, distinctive and appealing for travellers and investors

Known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica is home to 365 rivers, the world’s second-largest boiling lake and lush green rainforests. While offering stunning locations to explore, Dominica also promotes adventure activities such as hiking. The tropical weather and thriving community of the country enhance the travel experience of the visitors. 

The pristine coastline, acres of unspoiled tropical rainforest, incredible marine biodiversity and natural hot springs add unique adventures to the beauty of Dominica. The volcanic origin provides an exceptional experience to the travellers while captivating their trip to Nature Isle. 

Besides this, the longest hiking trail, dubbed Waitukubuli National Trail, makes the country the perfect place to rejuvenate the pleasure of travelling. The trail is 115 miles long and becomes the only country in the Caribbean to have a kayaking trail. The travellers have the chance to get one with the natural tranquillity of the island. 

It is a nature and adventure lover’s dream, which makes Dominica the perfect destination to get relaxed, escape the hustle-bustle of life, and spend life in a tranquil environment. The entire scenario led the country towards the new phases of development and was marked as the reason to top list of most beautiful places in the world in 2023. 

Journey of resilience: Despite passing through the toughest phases in the past, Dominica stands tall and paved the path of the resilience future. After being devastated by nature’s fury, such as Hurricane Maria (2017), Topicals and Cyclones, the country built back better. It started the efficient journey of resilience. 

Depicting the true journey of regeneration and resilience, Dominica vowed to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation. The construction of resilient infrastructure such as homes, bridges, schools and roads is the step in fulfilling their resilience goals. 

Besides this, Dominica is also constructing a geothermal power plant to reduce carbon footprints and divert the focus on renewable energy. It will reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and create a path toward the resources which could be renewed. 

Additionally, Sustainability is a big focus for this small island nation which focuses on eco-tourism. It promotes eco-tourism to conserve the natural assets of the country. 

Several resorts, such as Secret Bay and Jungle Bay, are constructed while preserving the natural assets of Dominica. The focus on Sustainability attracts eco-conscious travellers to enhance the travel experience where responsible tourism takes place. 

Developmental projects: Dominica has started several developmental projects to uplift the socio-economic aspects. The country is planning to construct an international airport, which will help in increasing its connectivity across the world. It will boost the tourism sector and enhance the economic aspects of the country. 

Besides this, the construction of the world’s longest cable car is another milestone in the history of global recognition of Dominica. The cable car will become the Guinee’s world record after construction and boost tourism as well as employment in the country. 

Investment destination: The new journey of the development of Dominica has turned the attention of global investors and HNWIs. The investors seeking a platform where they can thrive in their portfolio and enhance their business on the global stage make Dominican their ideal international Plan B. 

Dominica CBI Programme: An Investment in secure future

The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica is known as the platform for smart investment. It offers citizenship to investors in exchange for a financial contribution of US$100,000. 

It is the investment option which brings security with access to diversified markets for the investors. It is the citizenship for life which can be passed on to the next generations and catalyst the planning of the investors for themselves and their families. 

The CBI Programme of Dominica is ranked as the world’s number 1 in the CBI Index 2022 published by PWM Magazine of Financial Times. The funds generated by the CBI Programme uplift the country socially, economically and politically. 

It offers two investment options for the investors, which include: 

  • Economic Diversification Fund: Known as Fund Option, the financial contribution within the investment option is US$100,000. It helps in building sustainable infrastructure and uplifts socio-economic aspects. 
  • Real Estate Investment Option: The contribution to the investment option is US$200,000.