EXCLUSIVE: 30 Things to add to your Caribbean Bucket List 

The Caribbean offers 30 unforgettable travel experiences that can be visited on the interCaribbean airline's network. These 30 destination makes the bucket list of travellers exciting and adventurous. 

EXCLUSIVE: 30 Things to add to your Caribbean Bucket List 
EXCLUSIVE: 30 Things to add to your Caribbean Bucket List 

Caribbean: The Caribbean offers 30 unforgettable travel experiences that can be visited on the interCaribbean airline’s network. These 30 destination makes the bucket list of travellers exciting and adventurous. 

Bayside Bar, Soufrière, St Lucia 

In a stunning location at the foot of St Lucia’s iconic Gros and Petit Pitons, this idyllic beachside bar and restaurant is a great place to sup a mojito or munch on tasty conch fritters while gazing out over the waters of the intimate, frangipan-shaded cove. 

Rock House, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos 

Soothe senses at the stylish new Rock House boutique resort, clinging to a stretch of rugged coastline in Providenciales, with chic sea-facing rooms perched above the waves, plus a pair of spectacular pools.

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana 

Four times the height of Niagara, the majestic Kaieteur Falls plunge in a single heart-stopping leap over a huge sandstone cliff deep in Guyana’s pristine stretch of Amazonian rainforest. Essential viewing if travellers are anywhere in the region.

El Yunge National Forest, Puerto Rico 

Virgin tropical rainforest, rare endemics (including the island’s famous coqui frog), extensive hiking trails and a string of enticing waterfalls are just some of El Yunque’s diverse attractions.

Finish with a visit to the Yokahú Observation Tower, which offers peerless views of the island and sea. 

Sailing, British Virgin Islands 

Enjoy the freedom of the waves on a cruise around the BVI, one of the world’s premier sailing destinations. Charter own catamaran or monohull

for idle drifting around the BVI 60-odd islets, stopping off at remote cays and deserted beaches along the way.

Citadelle Laferrière, Haiti

Hike or horse-ride through the jungle to the majestic Citadelle Laferriere, completed in 1820 and still the largest fortress in the Americas, with stunning island and ocean views from its dramatic mountaintop perch.

St Kitts Scenic Railway, St Kitts

“The Last Railway in the West Indies, St Kitts Scenic Railway offers magnificent views of the island’s verdant landscapes as travellers trundle sedately on a three-hour, 30-mile circuit of the island aboard aquaint old double-decker sugar cane train dating back to 1926.

Smuggler’s Cove, Tortola, BVI

Well away from the crowds at the far western tip of Tortola, Smuggler’s Cove still feels like a bit of a secret hideaway, with a gorgeous swathe of white sand, excellent snorkelling and a couple of simple shacks serving up chilled beers and tasty food.

Cricket tours, Caribbean-wide

Cricket is at the heart of Caribbean life, with matches attracting some of the world’s most exuberant crowds and a string of iconic venues including the Queen’s Oval in Port of Spain, the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, and Sabina Park, Kingston, backdropped by the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Grace Beach, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

The Caribbean as people have always imagined it, featuring an endless sweep of pristine white sand and crystalline waters. Just offshore, Bight Reef offers magical snorkelling with stingrays. turtles and perhaps the

occasional nurse shark.

Eclipse at Half Moon, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Five years in the making, this suave new addition to Jamaica’s much-loved Half Moon Resort features 57 light-filled rooms arranged about the striking Great House, opening up on a saltwater infinity pool running down to the sea.

Shirley Heights, Antigua 

Stretch legs with this superb two-hour hike from Galleon Beach up to the neatly restored military lookout of Shirley Heights- where travellers also find the best view in Antigua, with the yacht-studded waters of English and Falmouth Harbours laid out below.

Iwokrama Forest, Guyana 

Explore the extraordinary scenery and biodiversity of the vast Iwokrama Forest, home to a remarkable array of wildlife, ranging from white-throated toucans to rare giant anteaters, bookended by the towering escarpment of the dramatic Pacaraima Mountains.

Dolphin- and whale-watching, Dominica

A year-round population of majestic sperm whales makes Dominica one of the world’s top cetacean hotspots, while pods of bottlenose and spotted dolphins are another common sight, along with seasonal visitors such as humpback whales (Nov-April) and an array of other species, including playful false killer whales.

Grenada Chocolate Festival, Grenada

Explore organic plantations, meet local chocolate-makers and learn how to “dance the cocoa” during 15 Grenada’s more-ish Chocolate Festival (one week in late July). Offering fascinating insights into the fabled Spice Island’s cultural and culinary traditions.

Charcos, Dominican Republic

Nature and adrenaline junkies will love the Charcos, a chain of 27 waterfalls threading the dramatic gorges of the Rio Damajagua. Swim, jump and scramble between the pools, slithering down natural waterslides as travellers go.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Dive into Bridgetown, one of the Caribbean’s most vibrant urban destinations, with its compelling mix of historical landmarks, buzzing street life and duty-free shopping. There are also plenty of beaches, including Browne’s Beach and Carlisle Bay, if they want a break from the crowds.

Palacio Provinciale, San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Immerse in the heart of historic San Juan with a stay at the city’s newest boutique hotel, housed in a nineteenth-century colonial building, crisply updated and complete with stunning rooftop pool and bar.

Mount Gay Visitor Centre, Bridgetown, Barbados 

Distilling on site since 1703, Mount Gay can rightly be considered the true birthplace of rum. Tours include tastings, cocktail workshops and visits to the distillery and surrounding estate, complete with its original 300-year-old well, still in use today.

Cabot St Lucia, St Lucia

20 Swing low at the new oceanfront Cabot St Lucia Golf Resort, opening in 2022 to a design by revered course designer Bill Coore and partner Ben Crenshaw on a dramatically wild stretch of volcanic coast.

Bioluminescent Mosquito 21 Bay, Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

The world’s brightest bioluminescent bay (and one of only five on the entire planet), with dense shoals of plankton turning the waters of the bay a sper milky blue after dark. Nature at its memorably surreal.

Green flash safari, Caribbean-wide

Try for a glimpse of the legendary green flash, as the final sliver of sun descends into the sea at dusk. Sightings have been reported from many places across the Caribbean, although they’ll need a perfectly clear horizon– and don’t stare at the sun until the last moment before it disappears.

Rum tours, Caribbean-wide

Go in search of the secrets behind the Caribbean’s favourite tipple. Top destinations include the BVT’s Callwood Rum Distillery, Grenada’s River Antoine Estate, the Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica and the legendary Mount Gay Distillery in Barbados (see #19).

Find the real Pirates of the Caribbean, Caribbean-wide 

Explore the fearsome history of Caribbean piracy. Disentangle fact from fantasy at The Pirates of Nassau Museum (the island was once a notorious pirate enclave] then head to Port Royal in Jamaica (‘the Wickedest City on Earth, as it was formerly known) and the former pirate stronghold of Fort de Rocher in Tortuga, Haiti.

Bob Marley Museum, Kingston, Jamaica

A place of pilgrimage for all Bob Marley fans, housed in the former home of Jamaica’s king of reggae and stuffed with a fascinating array of personal memorabilia. It’s also easily combined with a tour of the Tuff Gong studio, where Marley recorded some of his most iconic tracks. 

Sandy Island, Anguilla 

Catch the ferry (or charter a catamaran) for a magical day-trip from Sint Maarten to Anguilla, then head out to tiny Sandy Island-a speck of sand bathed in turquoise waters-for a lunch of BBQ’d crayfish and rum punch.

Old Havana, Cuba

Nombor isquinike Old Havana Sell folding like a 1950s time-capsak, the city’s pricss of colourful, crumbling old houses and flots of vintage cars are unique, backed up by legendary nightlife and a world-famous musical soon.