Epic Games Store offering two new games this week

The two free games on the Epic Games Store have been announced recently and it seems as if this will be a good week for the players. Though the two new games cannot be compared with the six Batman video games that were available over the past week, still the “Everything” and “Metro 2033 Redux” are good games to play along this week if you do not have them already.

There are reports that both the games are tied to an Epic Games Store account. And players will get only a week to download them and play them for free as after the said period both the games will go back to actually costing money on the digital storefront.

Epic Games Store in order to announce the game reached to Twitter and in one of the posts over the social media platform wrote:


“Simulate reality and survive the apocalypse. @eeverythingg and #Metro2033 are now available for FREE on the Epic Games store! https://www.epicgames.com/store/collection/free-games-collection …”

“Everything is an epic, award-winning reality simulation game – where everything you see is a thing you can be, from animals to planets to galaxies and beyond. Travel between outer and inner space, and explore a vast, interconnected universe of things without enforced goals, scores, or tasks to complete. Everything is a procedural, AI-driven simulation of the systems of nature, seen from the points of view of everything in the Universe.”

We all know that Epic Games Store is currently offering Everything and Metro 2033 Redux for free and the games will be available for free until October 3rd. The next free games that will be available on the Epic Games Store will be revealed today.