Enjoy performance of Ophelia Marie in Dominica WCMF 2023

Ophelia Marie will perform in Dominica World Creole Music Festival 2023 with her electrifying music and songs

Enjoy performance of Ophelia Marie in Dominica WCMF 2023
Enjoy performance of Ophelia Marie in Dominica WCMF 2023

Roseau, Dominica: Ophelia Marie will perform from the Strictly Local- Artists of Dominica series in the World Creole Music Festival 2023. She is known for its expertise in the Grade Dame of Creole music and creating electrifying atmosphere.

While paving the path of the success, Marie doesn’t touch the heights for herself only, but also blazes the path for female artists in a mal dominated industry. With her great potential, she managed to bring great opportunities for not only herself but for other female singers as well.

Marie didn’t just remain only an inspiration for others but also become the platform for tightening the spot for other females in the music industry. She is the powerhouse of the determination, hard work and dedication.

Ophelia Marie

Marie came into the industry in 1979 with her seminal hit “AIE Dominique”. The song was recorded in Paris in 1978 and became an immediate hit. While gaining huge popularity, the song remained most popular song for the last 40 years.

With the time and other hit singles, Marie rapidly grew a fan base in Dominica, Guadeloupe and Martinique. While becoming the voice of Dominica in the Creole World, she garnered huge appreciation across the Caribbean.

Soon after that, she became the face of Dominica and turned the first choice of the business and political classes in the French West Indies for different commercial and political events. From the streets to the grand stage, the performance of the Marie is celebrated as a festival.

At the time when music is all about male affair, she paved her way with her unique and authentic music. Her music became her identity and part of the big stages in the French West Indies.

Ophelia has won many awards such as The Maracas D’or in Paris, the national award, the Sisserou medal of honour. She has also become the only person to secured the Caribbean Cultural Icon Award from the CARIFESTA committee.

Besides this, she has also received Lifetime Achievement Award. Now, she will perform at Dominica World Creole Music Festival to enhance the musical experience of the visitors.