“Elections must be held within 90 or no later than 7 August 2022,” says Shawn Richards

He affirmed that on Tuesday, 10 May 2022, the outgoing prime minister announced that he had advised the governor-general to dissolve the national assembly effective that same day.

"Elections must be held within 90 or no later than 7 August 2022," says Shawn Richards

St Kitts and Nevis: Shawn K Richards- Leader of People’s Action Movement and Former Deputy Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis lambasted current Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris. In his address to the nation, Richards made a blunt statement on the announcement of the current Prime Minister’s decision to dissolve the national assembly. 

He affirmed that on Tuesday, 10 May 2022, the outgoing prime minister announced that he had advised the governor-general to dissolve the national assembly effective that same day. This means that elections must be held within 90 days or no later than 7 August 2022. 

Expressing grief, Shawn K Richards stressed that however, it will not take 90 days for the elections to be called as in St Kitts and Nevis, the bell will win long before the 90 days period elections could be held as early as mid-June or within the first two weeks of July. 

“I, therefore, encourage all PAM supporters and members of the part to check the voter’s list now to ensure that your names are accurately recorded in the polling divisions where they should. I also urge PAM members and supporters who are not yet registered to do so within the next 10 days as I have said before, this election will present many uncertainties, but the only certainty we have is that the outgoing prime minister will not return as prime minister after the election.”

Condemning Timothy Harris, Shawn Richards said that he will try all types of tricks, gimmicks, and perhaps many activities that could be challenged for their constitutionality and legality when someone is desperate and has a lot to lose not just politically but personally they will try anything and there would no respect for laws norms and decency. 

He further slammed PM Harris on his decision and stated that Dr. Timothy has no moral authority to govern the parliament of St Kitts and Nevis which is comprised of 11 elected representatives six are from PAM and CCM and do not support Harris, and two others are from St Kitts and Nevis Labour Party and they too do not support Harris and this leaves harris and one other member of his party who support him.

Shawn K Richards exclaimed that in addition there is one additional MP who seems to have put his personal benefits ahead of his loyalty to the country and his party in a country that is supposed to be democratic and added, “We have a situation where three elected MPs out of 11 are masquerading as a government while eight duty elected ones clearly do not support this travesty that is being condoned by a few who benefit from the handouts of government resources.”

The leader of PAM noted that the outgoing prime minister is therefore selfishly insisting on clinging to power regardless of the damage being done to St Kitts and Nevis, he has put his personal loss for power before what is right just and good for the people his political impotence was exposed for all to see when he tried to summon a cabinet meeting but could not do so. 

Shawn Richards stated that in a matter of weeks, the federation will face another general election and this will be transformative. However, it will also be an election that replaces a troubled and undemocratic leadership with a new and vibrant team of servant leaders whose only aim is to deliver the promises of greater prosperity and accountability to the people. 

He noted, “As the political leader of PAM, I feel very confident about the future for our country and the brighter prospects that are ahead.”

Outlining the main aim of the upcoming election, Former Deputy Prime Minister said that this election will heavily focus on the rebuilding of trust and integrity and on the real development of the people, but unfortunately, the people of the country lost all trust in Dr. Timothy Harris. 

“We tried two formal meetings to resolve our difference, and he seriously refused to negotiate, we traded again with a formal letter with all grievances and to meet for the third time, and he insulted us with an 18-page diatribe that again failed to seriously address the issues,” he added. 

He further outlined something about Dr Harris and said that what many do not know is that he agreed to meet just last weekend after the intervention of a citizen of goodwill, and he refused to attend the meeting, claiming that he was sick and ordered to rest. 

Shawn Richards claimed that on the same day he was seen out and about ad very active in public including attending a church service on Sunday. It is very clear that Dr Harris had no desire to meet and resolve the issues he preferred to pursue the narrow objectives that are designed to benefit him and his close family and associates and that is what PAM and CCM intend to change. 

“Our interest will not be about short-term handouts nor would it be about deception others are already using government money and resources to give you a quick fix which really is only applied to deceive you and then after the election will forget you. They have no interest in your well-being, they will use you and then discard you.”

The leader of PAM noted that the PAM has been preparing for this election and is ready to offer itself in partnership with the CCM as a viable alternative to the destructive parts that have led them to the current political impairs. 

Leader of PAM said that people of the Federation will soon get the opportunity to meet their 8 candidates for the PAM.