Elections 2022: PM Skerrit launches Gregory Riviere as DLP candidate from Marigot constituency

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit launched Gregory Riviere as a candidate of the Dominica Labour Party from the Marigot constituency for the December 6 snap general elections.

Roseau, Dominica: Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit launched Gregory Riviere as a candidate of the Dominica Labour Party from the Marigot constituency for the December 6 snap general elections. The launching ceremony was held at Marigot on Thursday after getting delayed due to bad weather. 

During the launch event, PM Roosevelt Skerrit asked the people of the constituency to vote for Riviere for their better future and life. He emphasised that the Dominica Labour Party is still the best choice for the citizens of the country as it always remains the party of the people, not for any chair or position

He stated that the youngsters are emerging in the country with their efficient skills and showing their participation in the elections. The elections of 2022 witnessed a huge participation of youngsters. 

PM Skerrit outlined various challenging times faced by Dominica as many natural disasters and the pandemic tried to stop the development of the country, but the Dominica Labour Party has done a remarkable job in binding the economy. 

He further addressed the political scenario of the country and cited, “We should change political attitude to each other and respect each other. Why should we need to hate each other.” 

PM Skerrit said, “Think of yourself and do whatever you want to do. It’s the right opportunity to do good for yourself and your family. It is not about Dominica Labour Party, but it’s about you. I used this position to help people. 

He recalled the times of Hurricane Maria and cited that at that time, people were hopeless and felt it would take years to build back. However, the government of Dominica never stopped and initiated various plans, such as resilience goals. 

While speaking about the development work in the Marigot constituency, he mentioned, “What Marigot has been missing, lacking for all these years, is proper leadership, somebody who cared about the well-being.”

He also assured the people of the constituency that he was a great leader and would always work for the people. Outlining the issue that needed to be addressed, PM Skerrit noted, “We have to address the housing, education, and better opportunities for farmers and fisheries. All you need is a connection between the government and the Marigot people, somebody who cares about you. For too long, you have had a parl rep who does not care for you.” 

Further, Gregory Riviere also addressed the people and promised to work for the welfare of the constituency if wins the elections. He added, “We were attacked by this invisible enemy, and it was a rough time for this government. We saw expenditure spike, over 40%, money that we did not budget for. We saw that our income was reduced by 34%, making it even more difficult for us to govern this country,” said DLP’s candidate.


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