Editor’s Profile

Name: Scott Johnson
Email: scott.johnson@associatestimes.com
Position: Editor

Functions: Responsible for proofreading, content being published
on the website, including images. Also, plans, research, write copy and edit the content.

Qualification: Completed Bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Arizona, persuaded Masters in Journalism from Georgetown University.

About Editor

Johnson is a graduate of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Arizona. He always has been a bright, excelling student and a go-getter. Johnson’s inspiration for becoming a Journalist came from his father, who himself pursued his career in the field of Media.

He is a firm, strong and bold personality walking with the aim to bring the truth and authentic news from all around the United States, in front of the people.

On completion of his graduation, Johnson went out to pursue experience, doing internships and jobs at several renowned media outlets.

Wanting to grab more and his want to bring the truth, Johnson went to Georgetown University for further studies in the field, obtaining the degree of Masters in Journalism.

Amid his excellent learning and communication skills, Johnson bagged the opportunity of attending international seminars on journalism.