East Coast Demerara Taxi driver pleads guilty to larceny

Taxi driver who was accused in case of larceny of items valued 125,000 dollars in East Coast Demerara has now pleaded guilty.

East Coast Demerara Taxi driver pleaded guilty to larceny. Image Credit: Facebook, Guyana Police Force
East Coast Demerara Taxi driver pleaded guilty to larceny. Image Credit: Facebook, Guyana Police Force

Guyana: The taxi driver who was accused in the case of larceny of items valued at around 125,000 dollars in the East Coast Demerara region of Guyana has now pleaded guilty in court by Magistrate Russell Liverpool. The culprit is placed on self-bail and also asked to compensate the victim.

The crime of larceny was committed by the culprit named Joseph Juman on the night of Sunday, 25 February, at Chateau Margot along the Railway Embankment in East Coast Demerara region in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana.

In the larceny, the culprit stole a crown grill which was valued at around 55 thousand dollars with a pair of rear view mirrors of estimated value of 70 thousand dollars from the car of the owner named Ghansham Laljie.

For the same crime, the culprit, Juman, was arrested by the police officers on Wednesday, 6 March, after he was identified through CCTV footage of him committing the crime which served as a prove against him.

It is said that the crime took place on the day at least after an hour when the owner went back to his house. In the CCTV footage, there was one other man accompanied by the culprit in his Toyota Allion car, which was white in colour.

After becoming aware of a larceny in which the owner lost his valuable items, Ghansham started looking for a solution. He found one by noticing a CCTV camera on the place. He was somehow able to grab the footage, which he later submitted to police officers while reporting.

The people who saw the CCTV footage before police were able to identify the culprit, who is a resident of the local region. The accused was identified by his common name, Bird. He works as a taxi operator and lives along 8th Street Success in East Coast Demerara.

Eventually, after the action of the police, the investigation led to the arrest of the culprit, Juman, and he was charged with the offences committed by him on Friday, 8 March. He was taken in remand for Larceny, under Section 164 of the Criminal Law Act.

The owner said in his statement on the larceny case in East Coast Demerara, “I work taxi too, right? The weekend was packed with mash on Friday so I worked through it. I worked Saturday night. I had to pick up people like very early in the morning because I had to take some people on the cruise on Sunday. I went home early because I was tired and this car passed around one and he saw this car was parked out there and then he returned with the other person and came and did the thief.”