Dwayne Gabourel murder: Belize govt assures to make strict laws

Dwayne Gabourel murder: Belize govt assures to make stricter laws
Dwayne Gabourel murder: Belize govt assures to make stricter laws

The Government of Belize plans to take serious steps for controlling the increasing violence by the gangs. The violent activities have been affecting the local communities, and the government also stated to exclude the illegal weapons from the streets of Belize.

Prime Minister John Briceno spoke on the issues of the crime. After the incident of shooting in which one 15 years old, Dwayne Gabourel, was dead.

On September 25, as Dwayne Gabourel was buying bread for his mother near his home, there he was shot dead. On September 27, due to a gunshot wound, he died.

PM Briceno, while speaking on Gabourel’s death, said that the country is saddened and outraged.

PM Briceno said, “We have suffered too much at the hands of gang leaders and their surrogates who for more than two decades have terrorised and plagued our once peaceful communities in Belize City and in the past 10 years all urban areas across the country.”

According to a statement by Prime Minister, till now, 26 people have died due to gang violence since 2021. Over 500 gang members have been reported in activities like threatening people in neighbourhood and communities those are residing on the south side of Belize City. This hike in violence is expected due to the careless culture of silence and hopelessness, especially in poor and vulnerable communities.

PM Briceno stated that in case they want to strengthen the laws and ordinances for permitting police to take action against the gangs. Mainly the main gang members and gang leaders would be focused. The law should be made as soon as possible.

PM forwards the orders to the Police Department and Minister of Home Affairs to make use of every possible resource that they are having to save lives and safeguarding the communities and children. The government would be saving their citizens from senseless killings.

Briceno says the senseless shooting of Dwayne Gabourel and the killing of five young persons so far during this year. These activities must be stopped with the full extent of the law so that those who commit these terrible crimes should be given appropriate justice.