Downfall of PM Modi-led BJP begins, farmers play key role 

How Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Bhartiya Janata Party might lose its popularity amongst people of India for being incentive during Farmers stir, COVID outbreak

India: A massive defeat in West Bengal elections in India has been proven to be a big failure for the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) as the party campaigned aggressively against the incumbent Mamta Banerjee. 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself went on the ground to the campaign where he addressed rallies of hundreds and thousands of people without following any health protocols as India is undergoing the worse COVID-19 crisis.

Not only that, while campaigning, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen passing sexist remarks the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee. 

Impact of farmers’ stir in West Bengal Verdict

Many people in India also believe that BJP’s defeat in West Bengal came as a result of its behaviour towards the farmers who have been protesting for months on the outskirts of the Indian capital New Delhi. 

The farmers protest brought international criticism for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Their unprecedented denial of taking back three controversial farm laws and continuous efforts of favouring corporate houses have created enormous hurdles for the government and ruling Bhartiya Janata Party. The farmers believe the new farm laws are being imposed forcefully. 

Even though people mainly from Punjab, Harayana and Uttar Pradesh are sitting on borders and requesting to repeal the laws, farmers in other parts of India have held rallies in solidarity.

Notably, thousands of farmers had reached West Bengal in a protest against BJP as it uses all possible ways to triumph over the state. Farmers carried out door to door and group campaigns to make people aware. 

Election Commission of India an auxiliary of BJP

Known to be the world’s largest democracy, India is now cornered for its conduct towards elections, whether state or national. Renowned political strategist of India, Prashant Kishore, exposed the conduct of the Election Commission of India as Team B of ruling Bhartiya Janta Party and accused it of helping them win the elections.

Chief Strategist of Mamta Banerjee, Prashant Kishor, has alleged that the ECI worked closely with Bhartiya Janata Party, and it is responsible for the party grabbing 76 assembly seats in West Bengal.

He said, “I have never seen a more partial election commission; it did everything to help Bharatiya Janata Party from allowing the use of religion to scheduling poll and bending the rules, election commission did everything to help BJP.”

In a shocking turn of events, All India Trinamool Congress Party leader and incumbent Mamta Banerjee, who was first declared winner from Nandigram, was later declared to be defeated by BJP’s Suvendu Adhikari. 

While Banerjee has declared to challenge the results in court, people say they have never seen such inclination from the ECI before.

This is not the first time that Indian electoral bodies are being accused of bias; several independent political fronts have accused the saffron party’s hold on EC. They have alleged that government control over media, elections commission is intolerable and is ripping off the people’s fundamental rights.

Politics before people

For ten straight days, daily cases in India have topped the massive mark of 300,000. On Monday alone, the country reported 360,000 new cases and 3,417 COVID-19 related deaths. 

Hospitals across India are facing a dire shortage of beds, oxygen cylinders while thousands are going on social media to seek any sort of help.

The big political rallies across West Bengal by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are accused of bringing the second massive COVID-19 wave in India. The political gatherings were held on a large scale, with more than a hundred thousand attending a single assembly without any COVID-19 guideline or social distancing per se.

Witch-hunt of Indian Media 

Sting operations operated by Cobrapost have uncovered the biggest secrets of Indian media where several national media outlets, in exchange for money, agreed to spread communal dispute and bend people’s mind to support a particular party by tilting electoral outcome in the country. 

Farmers protest just exposed the depths of the lack of morality and ethics that fourth pillar of democracy in the country. It has come to the fore that media outlets not only tailor the news item to suit their agenda, but they have now cumulatively started to spread the wrong message to society in an influential way. 

When farmers protest was kicked off and reached on the borders of the national capital, most of the national media termed farmers as terrorists and simply denounced them as anti-nationals. However, the trick fuelled by BJP did not bear any fruit for the government as tens of thousands of people used social media to spread their message against the government’s new farm laws. 

Big media in India has now turned susceptible to the lure of big money as the central government is funding most of the newspapers and TV channels in the country. The influence has gone too far as a national news provider; BJP MP officially owns republic TV. 

The control does not end up here; the government of India is mulling moves to take over and regulate social media while turning a blind eye to those developments in the mainstream industry of miss information dissemination which suits the agenda of the current ruling party.

The press is one of the vital organs of modern life, especially in a democracy. The press has to menders powers and responsibilities, but this is tragic that today the fourth pillar of democracy has become the biggest threat to democracy by becoming a lapdog of the government.

Modi’s autocratic political advisory

The Indian Prime Minister never held a single press conference since assuming office in 2015, and he has been accused of always reading speeches from teleprompters and never coming up to the non-biased journalists of India. 

As India is going through the worse COVID-19 wave, the political advisors of Modi are under question too. They have been making non-competent efforts in soothing the pain of the public. Minimal efforts are being made by the Prime Minister on handling the coronavirus crisis in the country. 

Perhaps, not only a change in leadership, but India also requires a change in political advisors who have been clearly running the Indian government because of lack of actual words from the Indian Prime Minister himself, who is often seen indulged in insignificant activities to take away attention from real issues.