Dominica’s development initiatives are people-centered, aiming to fulfill resilient goals: PM Skerrit

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit termed Dominica’s development initiatives as “people-centric,” through which the country is committed to being the world’s first climate-resilient nation.

Dominica’s development initiatives are people-centered, aims to fulfill resilient goals: PM Skerrit
Dominica’s development initiatives are people-centered, aims to fulfill resilient goals: PM Skerrit

Roseau, Dominica: Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit termed Dominica’s development initiatives as “people-centric,” through which the country is committed to being the world’s first climate-resilient nation. Addressing the BOAO Forum for Asia 2024, he also gave a call for productive collaboration and said that they have made great efforts to achieve resilient goals.

To this end, PM Skerrit outlined that Dominica has implemented a national strategy for resilience development and aimed to achieve sustainable goals. He also referred to Dominica’s Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan 2020/2030 and the Disaster Risk Financing Strategy as the roadmap for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.


Besides this, Dominica also welcomes the exchange of experiences and international cooperation in science, technology, and innovation as well as access to them. He stressed that these initiatives have been taken by the government to fulfill their resilience goals and provide a safe place for the people.

PM Skerrit also shed light on the significance of collaboration and said that Dominica will continue to advocate the maintenance of multilateralism and partnership for solidarity as ways to find global solutions to common challenges.

Comprehensive solution against global problems

Prime Minister Dr Skerrit said that the BOAO Forum for Asia 2020 is an event of great significance for projecting political, trade and economic efforts. It also assists in expanding political dialogue and international cooperation in the search for comprehensive and effective solutions to global problems.

Giving a call for cooperation, he stressed that there is a need to work together to solve the challenges and build a prosperous future. He asserted that there is a need to work together to pool strengths and move faster towards achieving peace and sustainable development.

He said, ”In the face of the immense challenges and imbalances that exist around the world today, We need to strengthen cooperation and solidarity between countries in order to provide effective responses to the financial, economic, and social crises faced by many countries around the world.”

The prime minister stated that sustainable development continues to be a pending issue for the international community due to the high levels of inequality, poverty, and marginalization among countries.


Shedding light on the global challenges, Prime Minister Dr Skerrit added that the gross inequalities between developed and developing countries persist and are widening. He mentioned that the impacts of this situation have been faced by vulnerable countries as they are prone to such conditions.

“The unjust international economic order persists and is strengthened, and the devastating burden of which continues to be borne by the poorest countries. The effects of climate change threaten the existence of low-lying developing island states and continue to destroy lives”, said the prime minister.

He further showcased the ray of hope in the challenging time and said that today the world has the opportunity to move towards a change of era, they have an option of continuing with the same patterns of production.

He asserted that energy and consumption are no longer viable and cause terrible damage to the environment, or assuming a new path that ponders sustainable and inclusive development and with a long term vision.

For these reasons, Prime Minister Skerrit added that there is a need for the resilience goals for achieving sustainable development. He said, ”We share the idea that development will not be sustainable unless it is inclusive of a resilience agenda. The convergence of interests, purposes, and actions among peoples, individuals, states, and international organizations is essential in order to achieve collective goals.”

Recognizing the role of the BOAO forum, he said the People’s Republic of China provides development alternatives for other countries based on mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation.

He said that they are assured that the Boao Forum will continue to be a globally influential platform for high-level political and trade dialogue and it will achieve further success in the coming decades.

“The global initiatives promoted by the People’s Republic of China have created the necessary conditions to stimulate economic growth without harming the environment. They have been beneficial in actively assisting developing countries in their process of industrialization and access to digital technologies, ”said the prime minister.

He also lauded the Belt and Road initiative of President Jinping and said the country has expressed its support and appreciation for this initiative through bilateral and multilateral mechanisms. PM Skerrit also outlined the benefits of the initiative and said that this has been a great assistance in poverty reduction and food security.

PM Skerrit noted, ”The most tangible results of these have been seen in the areas of poverty reduction, food security, health corporation financing for development, climate change and green development, digital economy, and connectivity in the digital age.”

He appreciated China for creating a development miracle that has astonished the world, and at the same time, making contributions to the cause of global development.

He said that the Chinese government, in line with its short, medium, and long-term development goals and strategies, has continued to promote the holding of the Boao Forum to build a platform for cooperation with other countries, with a view to achieving a high-quality economic development and a shared, prosperous future for mankind.

Diplomatic ties between Dominica and China

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit also mentioned the strong ties between Dominica and China and said that their friendship transcends dollar diplomacy. He said that the ties are based on mutual respect, trust noninterference in each other’s domestic affairs, and win-win cooperation.

He said that Dominica supports the one-China principle and continues to advocate for the peaceful reunification of Taiwan with its motherland, the People’s Republic of China.