Dominica: YouTuber David Hoffmann tries traditional food in indigenous Kalinago Territory

David Hoffmann- A Famous Youtuber with 1 million subscribers, tried Traditional Food in the Kalinago Territory in Dominica. In a video posted on his channel @Davidsbeenhere, he explores the vibrant culture of the Nature Isle. 

Roseau, Dominica: David Hoffmann- A Famous Youtuber with 1 million subscribers, tried Traditional Food in the Kalinago Territory in Dominica. In a video posted on his channel @Davidsbeenhere, he explores the vibrant culture of the Nature Isle. 


He welcomed his viewers to the beautiful Kalinago Territory in Dominica. This area along the island’s east coast was established back in the 20th century after European colonization forced the Kalinago people off their ancestral lands. David Hoffmann stated that the land of bush doctors, carved totems, and plant medicine, this culture has remained relatively unchanged over the centuries. 


While exploring the different magnificent places in Dominica, he stated: 


KALINAGO territory: After briefly checking out some info on the Kalinago at the Visitors Center, they met a local woman who makes crafts. YouTuber watched as she showed me how she weaves baskets. David also got a look at the other crafts she makes, including jewelry, carved calabash shells, woven hats, and masks made from ferns! They also visited a group of carved totems and got a nice view of the ocean. 


Daniel cassava: At this roadside shop, David Hoffmann met Daniel, the pioneer of making cassava bread in Dominica. He made some fresh coconut cassava bread for them, which was crispy and sweet, and a little gooey on the inside! 


JACKO FALLS: YouTuber cited that after driving to a gift shop and a small shop, we headed to Jacko Falls, a waterfall down a slippery flight of stone steps in the jungle. It’s beautiful and peaceful and the perfect place to take your shoes and socks off and go wading! We also saw some crabs, fish, and lizards there. 


In his other video, David Hoffmann also showed glimpses of her visit on their first adventure to Dominica. 


He added, “After arriving in my 93rd country, Dominica, my friend and post-production manager Nate and I set out on our first adventure on this sovereign island nation between Guadeloupe and Martinique.” 


Coconut stand: They started at a coconut stand roughly 10 minutes from the airport, where a woman was grilling plantains and toasting coconut. Both were fantastic, and she also gave us coconut water and made us a refreshing cane juice cocktail from sugarcane juice and lime juice. 


Food stand: Next, YouTuber found a local stand on the side of the road where a woman makes food every single day. She had fresh guava, sorrel, and passionfruit juices, as well as smothered turkey, baked macaroni and cheese, rice and peas, baked plantains, and baked taro root. The turkey gravy went well with everything!


Rainbow beach restaurant & bar: At this restaurant on the beach, David Hoffmann tried a Kubuli Lager. He would be back at this restaurant in a few days to have some octopus and sea urchin. 


Airbnb tour: Finally, he and Nate arrived at their AirBnB in Portsmouth, The Lighthouse. Their first-floor unit had a great view of the ocean and had a modern living room and kitchen, a bathroom, a washer and dryer, one smaller bedroom, and a large master bedroom with a balcony and a telescope. 


In this incredible adventure on the island of Dominica, he also takes boat ride through the jungle to have an amazing roasted breadfruit and cod breakfast. 


Indian river boat ride: On our 30-minute ride down the Indian River, our captain Eric steered them through the brackish water, where they saw hibiscus plants and bloodwood trees growing along the banks, as well as crabs along the shores.


Bush bar: At the Bush Bar, the cook and bartender Alicia served them some bush rum. Then, David Hoffmann watched as Alicia and the staff cooked some saltfish, bakes, cocoa tea, and roasted breadfruit, with avocado and cucumber on the side. The crispy and doughy bake, along with the tender saltfish, was excellent, and the breadfruit had a nice, smoky flavor.


His adventure in Dominica took him from beautiful Mero Beach to an impromptu party on a boat at night. 


INDEE’S beach bar & restaurant: YouTuber tried some unique marijuana rum before heading into the kitchen to watch the cooks prepare buttery coconut milk and mahi mahi curry, grilled octopus, fried taro balls, boiled taro, and fried plantains. The spices and garlic butter in the dishes were outstanding! We also tried a wonderful pina colada. 


Floating bar: From the restaurant, Nate, Bongo, and David Hoffmann headed to a floating bar where we had some rum with grapefruit juice and a Guinness Foreign Extra. They enjoyed it with a fresh fish kebab, which also contained onions and bell peppers. It was a great way to end our nigh

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