Dominica: St. George Lodge donates EC$10,000.00 in charity

Dominica:  St. George Lodge presented a cheque to 12 local charity organizations totaling some EC$10,000.00.

St. George Lodge is the only Freemasons Lodge in Dominica and is a member of the District Grand Lodge of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

Charity Steward of the Lodge, Mr. Francis Emanuel, explained that charity is the distinguishing characteristic of a Freemason and a lesson that is instilled in every member at their initiation.

 He further commented that in December 2019, a matching donation was made and that the Lodge felt it essential to assist these local charities, especially now with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Like other masonic lodges in the Caribbean, St. George Lodge had been unable to meet for five months in 2020 due to Covid-19 related restrictions, which hindered its ability to collect charity, which is done at every meeting. However, these local charities’ critical work never stopped, and if anything, it became more challenging due to the pandemic’s economic impact.

 As a result, the Lodge felt it imperative to make the donation, which it hopes will assist the local charities in undertaking their essential responsibilities.

The recipients include Community Hostels (Grotto), The Methodist Church, Operation Youth Quake, Dominica Council of the Aging, reach, Portsmouth Home for the Aged, calls, Dominica Cancer Society, The Alpha Centre, Dominica Diabetic Association, The Dominica Infirmary, and the Mahaut Senior Citizens Home.

In the pandemic time, many countries are with Dominica to help in getting the COVID-19 vaccine. This seems to be a big success for the Roosevelt Skerrit diplomacy. 

Earlier, PM Skerrit wrote a letter to India for the 70K doses of vaccines; now, China also offers Dominica. 

China and Dominica have joined hands to combat the pandemic, a manifestation of the profound friendship between the two sides,”- President Xi said.

 Adding that President said,” China will continue to provide help and support to developing countries, including Dominica, in the fight against the pandemic.” 

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