Dominica signs communique with Afghanistan to establish bilateral ties

Dominica has signed a communique with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on diplomatic relations. This communique was signed on 22 April.

Dominica: Dominica has signed a communique with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on diplomatic relations. This communique was signed on 22 April.

Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission to the UN declared in a statement that “The document was signed in New York by Afghanistan’s Ambassador Adela Raz and Loreen Ruth Bannis-Roberts — permanent representative of the Commonwealth of Dominica.”

What’s in the communique?
The official statement underlines the significance of establishing a bilateral partnership between the Commonwealth of Dominica and Afghanistan for the execution of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and for exchanging experiences and expertise on durability.


The communique further emphasized the motivation of both countries to stick to the global ideals set out in the United Nations Charter on expanding friendly relations between the member countries.

At the contract signing ceremony, Afghanistan’s Ambassador Adela Raz expressed her delight over strong relations between both delegations in New York to a commitment that could welfare the growth and development of both nations.

On her part, Dominica’s Ambassador Bannis-Roberts shared Afghanistan’s Ambassador Raz’s points and underlined her hope for the expansion of cooperation between Afghanistan and Dominica.

Afghanistan’s Ambassador Adela Raz shared this information on Twitter- that stated, “Ambassador Adela Raz expressed AFG’s solidarity with SIDS at today’s meeting organized by AOSIS. On AOSIS priorities on climate change and sustainable development. AFG shares vulnerabilities & priorities with SIDS, including financing, resilience & climate-security risks.”

Javed Ahmed Qaem- Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the People’s Republic of China, Former Senior Advisor on Political Affairs (NSC) and Deputy Minister (MCN) further expressed on Twitter that ‘He’s glad that Dominica has tied diplomatic relations with Afghanistan.’

On this Qaem stated that “A month ago he met Dominica’s Ambassador to China and he expressed his country’s wish to establish diplomatic relations with Afghanistan. I am glad the issue is seriously followed up.”

What is AOSIS?
AOSIS stands for Alliance of small island states. AOSIS is an intergovernmental organization of small islands and low-lying coastal countries. It was established in 1990 The main purpose of the alliance is to consolidate the voices of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to tackle the environmental issue of global warming.


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