Dominica listed in best destinations to visit in 2024 by NY Times

The project will make the travellers to journey from the lush Roseau Valley up to Boiling Lake and enjoy the scenic views of Dominica.

Dominica named as 11th best destination to visit in 2024 by NY Times
Dominica named as 11th best destination to visit in 2024 by NY Times

Roseau, Dominica: Dominica has been named as one of the destinations to visit in 2024 by the New York Times. In an article titled, “52 places to go in 2024,” the media outlet suggested that the Nature Isle of the Caribbean is the 11th best country to visit in New Year.

Among the 52 countries, Dominica has surpassed 40 destinations, including England, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Missouri, Madagascar, Mexico, Indonesia, Ecuador, Alabama, Kenya, Brazil, Cambodia, Iceland, California, Egypt, Greece, France, Germany, Florida and Australia in the list.

New York Times lauded its natural beauty, volcanoes, rainforests and magnificent waterfalls that have positioned it as an ideal destination for travellers. The hot springs, lush green rainforests and bird’s eye view of the wild landscape have truly defined the name of the Nature Isle.

The media outlet especially mentioned the exciting and much-awaited $54 million world’s longest cable car project. The project will make the travellers journey from the lush Roseau Valley up to Boiling Lake and enjoy the scenic views of Dominica.

The game-changing project has garnered the attention of travellers across the globe and promised to bring a new level of excitement and adventure to Dominica. It will make travellers witness the island’s captivating landscape like never before with the project.

Besides this, the New York Times also highlighted the eco-tourism aspect of Dominica and said that it serves as a favourable destination for eco-travellers. The three national parks, crystal cascades, waterfall rappelling, pristine coral reefs and breathtaking eco-resorts make it a must-visit destination.

The media outlet added that the travellers who are seeking the unique fusion of the eco-adventures and exciting natural hotspots must give a chance to Dominica.

In addition to that, the establishment of the world’s first sperm whale reserve for the endangered species in Dominica has also positioned it as the destination of new hotspots. The island consisted of more than 20 species of whales and dolphins around the west coast, making it a proper destination for travelling.

New York Times lauded the imitative and said that the dedicated sanctuary has raised the demand of Dominica among international travellers.

The recognition has marked the position of Dominica as a favourable destination among tourists. With its lush green rainforests and magnificent landscape, the country has captured the attention of travellers and has become one of the best places to visit in 2024.

The list has helped tourist enthusiasts to choose from 52 destinations for visiting in 2024, making Dominica gain 11th position. The cable car project is a step in the direction of the upliftment of the tourism industry and local economy. It will enhance the employment opportunities for the local population and make the boiling lake more accessible and attractive to tourists.

Besides this, the sperm whale reserve also gained appreciation from the international community as it marked the commitment of the government of Dominica towards and resilient and sustainability agenda.

The recognition makes the travellers choose Dominica as an ideal destination to visit in 2024.