Dominica Labour Party launches Lynsia Frank from Salisbury Constituency

Dominica Labour Party launched Lynsia Frank from Salisbury Constituency on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at Vieille Case. They termed it a "Peace Rally" as it was shifted from Salisbury Playing Field due to threat reports. 

Dominica Labour Party has nominated a fine slate of candidates: PM Roosevelt Skerrit 
Dominica Labour Party has nominated a fine slate of candidates: PM Roosevelt Skerrit 

Roseau, Dominica: Dominica Labour Party launched Lynsia Frank from Salisbury Constituency on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at Vieille Case. They termed it a “Peace Rally” as it was shifted from Salisbury Playing Field due to threat reports. 

During the ceremony, PM Roosevelt Skerrit stated that the people of Vieillie Case are the most loyal people across the globe and he will always love them.


He cited,” You embrace me because you saw in me potential. I am happy that I have never let you down not even for one day and when I come to this constituency all my stresses are over because you always hit me with your bosom and let me know that scary no matter what they say out there that in this constituency you are there for us and we are there for you.”

While condemning John, PM Skerrit stated that as a leader they are faced with situations and they have to make the decision that is best for the people whom they lead and this is what we’ve been saying to the people of Dominica that is they don’t care about people they’re not interested in people these guys are looking for work and if they look at work they get angry.

He said, “Hector John is the laziest man he ever met in him whole life and every time he talks now boy I give up my salary sorry for me well actor John you will shake your tail on the street him their love the chain will love for me and they have placed himself that way.”

PM Roosevelt Skerrit asserted that Salisbury people are really smart people, they are hard working, industrious people smart people and they’ve been led by this person called Hector John and so DLP send to the people of Salisbury to remove the stand that United Workers Party have imposed on them by voting Lynsia Frank on Election Day December 6. 

He further added that there is one party that’s interested in people interested in the welfare of Dominica working hard to build this country and there’s one that hates Dominicans that that speaks about hatred and Hate and doesn’t want to see anything positive happen in his country.   

Outlining the significance of the election, PM Skerrit said that the election is very important. 


Bashing UWP, PM Skerrit mentioned that these people are with violence as when they come to The Village they’re not coming to talk about development they’re not coming to see how they can make life better for people and their family. 

He gave the example of Marigot constituency and stated that the constituency got a decent people, hospitable people loving people hard-working people but all they’ve been, missing is a good leader somebody who cares for them and the same thing in Salisbury and so I am saying to the people of Salisbury. 

“Vote for Lindsay Frank is of God for your children, a better community a more prosperous constituency and getting rid of the lies and getting rid of the gate was called Hector John, and so I want to say to Lynsia Frank

that and you can see her speech tonight’s solid presentation.” 

While appreciating Lynsia Frank, PM Skerrit said that she’s just 31 years old and she has answered the call of constituents to step forward and be in the gap to bring progress and prosperity to them and she will have his absolute support and backing to ensure she can deliver for constituents she will champion because of all the people of Salisbury. 

He stressed that Dominica deserves better, Salisbury deserves better Roseau North deserves better, Marigot deserves better and come and come the night of December 6 they will start getting better. 

“So let us go forth on December 6 I want every person to go out and vote and put your next to the shoe, “said the prime minister. 

He said that Dominica must reject these people as in the future these are dangerous people, these are nasty people, they do not love Dominica, they hate Dominica, they don’t want to see any progress in our country. 

In his address, PM Skerrit said that the supporters of DLP from this constituency must elect Lynsia Frank as the next parliamentary representation who shall restore the good name of the people of Salisbury. She will restore the image of Salisbury as a hospitable, hard-working Community of people who take pride in themselves, in what they do and the community.

Further, Lynsia Frank also addressed the people and thank the god for safely getting her and everyone else in Vieille Case. She said it was sad that the rally could not be held in Salisbury, but she is grateful to the people of Vieille Case for welcoming her and the rest of the DLP party. 

“In a free country, it is sad that in 2022 we are being persecuted for trying to express ourselves in a civilized manner. I am here tonight because I am tired of watching the people of my constituency for 13 years get used by the outgoing parliamentary representative,” added Frank. 

She said that Hector John could come and drive in her yard again as he did on Tuesday, but he will not intimidate her. 

Lynsia Frank asked the supporters, “Is this the kind of Dominica that they want where we cannot come and show support to our next parliamentary representative? Do we want to live in a country run by people who think that the only way to represent us is by inciting violence?”

She added, “Aren’t you tired of being in a constituency with a parliamentary representative that has not done anything for 13 years?”

Frank said that she wants all the supporters to remember that she was a constituent too, so she knows that, just like her, they need to be tired of Hector John and him trying to divide this constituency. 

“For 13 years, Hector abused the opportunity to represent the good people of Salisbury,” said Lynsia Frank.  

“For 13 years, Hector John did not represent us, and he sabotaged us. But, I am here tonight because I want it to end, and I want to see peace, prosperity and progress in our constituency,” added Frank. 

She said she would never be the kind of parliamentary representative that endangers her people by asking them to commit crimes against the state and calling that a protest.

She added, ” I am Salisbury to the Bone; I am Dominica to the Bold,” and added that how can she not support the party that did the Yes we can program, the NEP program and Housing Revolution that has ensured that thousands have a safe roof over the head.