Dominica: Health Ministry commissions High-Intensity Focus Ultrasound at DCFH

Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment Dr Inrving Mclntrye announced the commissioning of HIFU services and referred to it as a "historic day" in the continued development of hospital services in Dominica. 

Dominica commissions HIFU services at DCFH
Dominica commissions HIFU services at DCFH

Roseau, Dominica: The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica have launched the High-Intensity focus ultrasound (HIFU) at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital (DCFH). Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment Dr Inrving Mclntrye announced the commissioning of HIFU services and referred to it as a “historic day” in the continued development of hospital services in Dominica. 

Dr Mclntrye explained the HIFU services commissioned in DCFH and stated: 

  • This HIFU service is cutting-edge and non-invasive technology. 
  • It has the capabilities to treat many cancers such as liver, pancreatic, breast, uterine, fibroids, soft tissue, carcinoma, and also bone cancers. 
  • The capacity of the machine will exceed that of the needs of the population, and citizens feel a measure of comfort as they will get treatment right here at home. 

“There are no other HIFU facilities in the OECS or even in the rest of Caricom countries, and the closest such facility is in Mexico. Therefore, we can leverage this capability to provide services to the OECS and Caricom countries and beyond,” he added. 

He said that there would be several related developments to improve the transformation and delivery of hospital service over the next four to five weeks. 

The government of Dominica will commission the new eye care, namely Brenda Stratford Foundation Eye Centre, from 12 to May 13 2022, in the Dominica China Friendship Hospital. 

Under a MoU between the government of Dominica and the Brenda Stratford Foundation, it was provided $450,00 by the foundation to purchase a significant piece of high equipment for modernizing the eye department at the DCFH. 

Dr Mclntrye affirmed: 

  • The eye department will now have a permanent home fully equipped with examination rooms and its surgical suite. 
  • The DCFH have three ophthalmologists on staff. 

“I expect surgeries to commence on May 22, and this is the vision that we expect to realize in the coming months,” he added. 

Outlining the investments made by Dominica’s government in the medical sector, Health Minister noted that the government had made a tremendous investment in uplifting the health care infrastructure over the past five years. 

It includes: 

  • The construction of new health and wellness facilities to strengthen the resolve to improve primary care delivery and the practical applications of the principles of health investment. 
  • The government has also embarked on a major capital development programme close to the US $40 million on the princess Marigot Hospital or officially renamed the Dominica China Friendship Hospital.  

Dr Mclntrye said that this improvement does not only include an upgrade of existing buildings and construction of new ones but significant structural changes to the Accident and emergency department operating theatre capacity, critical care beds and diagnostic capabilities. 

Health Minister further highlighted the incredible investments in DCFH and mentioned: 

  • The Dominica China Friendship Hospital (DCFH) has a new state of the art accident and emergency department, fully equipped with an observation date, eight beds, asthma bay, an operating theatre, four bedded crash resuscitation, decontamination room, examination room, four consultation rooms and two isolation rooms.  
  • The Hospital has a fully equipped laboratory to provide a wide range of laboratory investigations with built-in redundancies in equipment for major types of studies. 
  • Seven operating theatres, including the dedicated theatre at Accident and Emergency Department, Obstetrics, and Ophthalmology Department as well. 
  • The Hospital have an eight bedded ICU, including two isolation units. Perhaps the most significant capital improvements have been in the radiology department. 
  • The Dominic China Friendship Hospital has the modern, the most modern full-service radiological department in the public services within the region. It comprises two extra machines, including fluoroscopy, CD Scan, mammography, ultrasound, MPI and now high intensity focused ultrasound, HIFU. 

“In all health care systems, access to radiological investigations ate one of the necessary and critical diagnostic investigations to support the diagnosis and treatment of patients,” underscored Health Minister. 

He also emphasized that the government of Dominica has paid absolutely no effort to ensure the widest possible range of radiological examinations for all people.