Dominica facing power outage due to interruptions in supply

Dominica has been power outage issue in several areas due to the electricity supply as DOMLEC is looking for the ways to meet the demand

Dominica facing power outage due to interruptions in supply
Dominica facing power outage due to interruptions in supply

Roseau, Dominica: Dominica has been facing power outage issue again on Monday due to the interruptions in the power supply. The DOMLEC announced the timings along with the areas where the electricity supply will remain disrupted.

DOMLEC extended regrets and apologized for the electricity issues. It added that the issue will be resolved with immediate effect as they understand the inconvenience faced by the public.

While announcing the timings with areas, Dominica Electricity Services Ltd added that these areas will witness partial power outage due to the problem in their line.

Time: 7:00am to 3:00pm

The areas such as Fond Canie, Louisville, Silver Lake, Bath Estate as well as Entrance of Portsmouth, Portsmouth Central, George Town, Long House, Glanvillia, Balvin, American-Canadian School of Medicine, Lizard Trail, Banana Trail, Coconut Beach, Picard, Tebaie and Dublanc will remain under the power outage within the given timing.

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Power Outage will also remain problem for the areas including (Entrance of Checkhall), 1st to 08th and 12th to 15th Streets (Canefield), Roger, Checkhall Valley, Antrim, Cochrane, Springfield, Sylvania, Despor, Riviere La Croix, Ansi Crete, Corona, Pond Casse, Penrice, Brandridge, Belles, Wet Area, Neiba, Soultan & Layou Park. Canefield Flat, Massacre, Check Hall, Les Pointe, Back Street, Mahaut, Belfast Roads, Belfast, Popo, Bon Repos, Zabrico and Campbell.

Time: 3:30pm to 9:30pm

The areas including Goodwill Road, Potters Street, Steber Street, Piveteau Street, Elliot Avenue, Riverside Apt, St. John’s Ave, Laing Lane, Ship Street, Long Lane, Drury Lane, Love Lane, River Bank, New Market Square, Lower River Street, Hanover Street, Kennedy Avenue and Hillsborough Street from Old Street to Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard will experience the problem of the electricity.

These areas have been facing electricity issue due to the interruptions in the power supply.

Besides this, power outage will also remain an issue in the areas including Upper Lane, King George V St. from Cross Street Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard Kennedy Avenue (between Old St and Dame E. Charles Boulevard, Old Street, Hanover Street, Hodges Lane, John’s Lane, Love Lane, Lower Hillsborough Street, Cork Street.

DOMLEC said that the outages are necessary to meet the demand of the power capacity. The timings are subject to change.

Earlier, the regions from Mahaut Market to Campbell, Belfast and surrounding areas also faced interruption in the power supply from 6: 30 pm.