Dominica establishes diplomatic relations with Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan and the Commonwealth of Dominica have signed a joint communiqué on establishing diplomatic relations.

Dominica: Uzbekistan and the Commonwealth of Dominica have signed a joint communiqué on establishing diplomatic relations.

According to the sources, the document was signed by the – permanent representative of – Uzbekistan to the United Nations, Ambassador- Bakhtiyor Ibragimov, and the permanent representative of the Dominica to the United Nation, Ambassador – Lauryn Bannis Roberts.

It is notified that both the countries have confirmed their mutual interest in strengthening joint work within the structure of international organizations, including the United Nations composition.

An agreement was reached on maintaining regular bilateral contacts to find mutually beneficial areas of cooperation between Uzbekistan and Dominica.

The Commonwealth of Dominica has become the – 137th country to establish diplomatic relations with Uzbekistan. In the month of February, Uzbekistan had established – diplomatic relations with San Marino.

Dominica is an island nation located in the eastern Caribbean. The area of the country amounts to 751 square kilometres with a population of over 70,000 people. Dominica is a full member of the UN and is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Caribbean Community -CARICOM, the Caribbean Common Market, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.

Uzbekistan is a Central Asian nation and former Soviet republic. It’s known for its mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. Uzbekistan is one of only two double landlocked countries in the world. This is a nation that is entirely surrounded by other landlocked countries! The other one is Lichtenstein.

As a sovereign state, Uzbekistan is a – secular, unitary, presidential, constitutional republic. Uzbekistan comprises of – 12 regions -vilayats, Tashkent City and one autonomous republic, Karakalpakstan. The capital and largest city of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.

Uzbekistan has a rich and distinct natural environment. However, decades of questionable – Soviet policies in pursuance of greater cotton production have resulted in a catastrophic scenario with the agricultural industry being the main donor to the – pollution and devastation of both air and water in the nation.