Dominica: Coulibri Ridge sets new sustainability standards, named in AFAR Media’s top 15 hotels list

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Roseau, Dominica: Coulibri Ridge located in Petit Coulibri, Dominica is named one of AFAR Media’s top 15 new hotels in the world. It is the first Caribbean property to become part of Beyond Green’s global portfolio of sustainable hotels.

AFAR Media has ranked Coulibri Ridge in its list for setting new standards of sustainability and promotion of eco-tourism. Situated on the southern tip of Dominica, the resort has 14-suite off-the-grid and used solar panels and wind turbines for electricity. The pure rainwater is harvested and filtered on-site. Nearby Martinique is visible from the rooms, which include full kitchens, terraces, and recyclable or renewable materials in their decor, such as hand-chiseled stone on the walls and recycled teakwood light fixtures. The 285-acre resort offers endless ways to commune with nature, whether by stargazing from chlorine-free infinity pools or enjoying yoga in the open-air pavilion surrounded by the tropical plant.

AFAR is known for its ranking on the basis of the hotels’ efforts to reduce carbon footprints along with their locations, design, and service. It offers the community in, meaningful ways and filters out the hotels which can be best suited for the visitors and connect them to biodiverse landscapes.

Dominica is on a drive to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation and reduce carbon footprints with the adoption of sustainability and eco-tourism. After being devastated by natural calamities and Hurricanes such as Hurricane Maria in 2017, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean vowed to mitigate the climate change impacts so that the country could stand tall against any such disasters. Hence, the aim has paved the path of sustainability for Dominica resulting in the construction of such hotels and resorts.

Dominica has gained huge popularity for unique offerings to eco-conscious tourists as they experience the island’s luxury eco-hotels, wellness facilities, and exquisite locations. While promoting sustainable tourism, the country makes people aware of the practice of responsible tourism. Several assets such as preserved and lush scenery, energy generated from hydropower production, organic agricultural methods and care facilities integrated into the landscape are there to assist the country in the development of sustainable tourism.

The tourism industry has a huge contribution to the successful running of the economy of Dominica and the country advised tourists to remain careful while using offerings of the country. The Nature Isle which is known for its magnificent beauty, the world’s second-largest boiling lake, and more than 365 rivers attracts tourists across the globe and increases the chance of the exploitation of its natural assets. In a bid to conserve and protest its natural reserves and reduce its carbon footprints, Dominica has decided to construct its hotels on the parameters of sustainability. AFAR list has proven the efforts of Dominica and is lauded for its eco-tourism offerings.

Along with AFAR list, the Coulibri Ridge resort of Dominica has also been featured in Time Magazine as it recently ranked Dominica as world’s greatest place. While referring to the resort, as luxury and suited for eco-conscious for travelers, Time Magazine stated that the resort is high in the mountains with breathtaking views of the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. It prides itself on being fully off-grid, powered by solar and wind turbines. Purified rainwater fills two infinity pools facing the majestic Morne Fou mountain peak, with Martinique in the distance. Produce at the restaurant is grown on the resort’s 285 acres or nearby farms.

Along with that, the resort is also a member of Beyond Green which is a global portfolio of planet Earth’s most sustainable hotels that represent sustainability leadership based upon action and impact. Beyond Green is known for its commitment to creating a better and brighter future for people and the planet. It makes people aware and teaches the ways to discover, plan and enjoy adventures while keeping the significance of responsible travel values and aspirations in their minds. They make people move on the path of sustainable tourism so that they could serve a better future for them.


Coulibri Ridge has also committed to serving its offering on the basis of three pillars of sustainable tourism such as protection of natural and cultural heritage, environmentally friendly practices that go beyond the basics, and contribution to the social and economic wellbeing of local communities. The resorts have also efficiently worked on the 50 sustainability indicators stated by the global sustainable tourism criteria and the United National Sustainable Development Goals. Celebrated its grand opening on Octover 22, 2022, the construction of Coulibri Rigde is the result of more than 20 years of research, environmental testing, infrastructure building, and community engagement to ensure the highest degree of sustainability, respectful development, and community collaboration. The resort has drains and gutters that collect rainwater and greywater and all these are being used to irrigate the resort’s gardens.

The hotel is the brainchild of Quebec-born entrepreneur Daniel Langlois as he aimed to make it a huge research project which helps in testing environmentally forward concepts. He also viewed it as a project which could work as the hope for vulnerable communities who want to achieve self-sustainability. He stated that the building of Coulibri Ridge is effective teamwork and they are feeling pleasure to welcome guests for many years ahead. He also hoped for the best and to promote the environmentally sustainable model through the resort so that it could encourage guests and stimulates them to consider how they could institute similar practices into their own lives and, hopefully, apply elsewhere as well. Beyond Green assisted the project efficiently in the aspects of providing global connectivity, distribution technology, marketing, sales, quality assurance, branding, and sustainability solutions. Coulibri Ridge is also the winner of the prestigious Grands Prix Du Design 2022; this award celebrates and rewards the work of designers and architects who improve the quality of life of their host communities and the built environment.

Along with that, Dominica has emerged as one of the ideal locations for the sustainable tourism concept due to several eco-conscious resorts such as Secret Bay, Jungle Ba, Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski and many others have been making attempts to promote sustainable tourism. The construction of eco-lodges has been held with local wood and great refinement and also offered the promise of a stay in total harmony with nature. Known for its offerings of sustainable, luxurious lodging, Secret Bay contains to e known as a one-of-kind Caribbean experience as a private living within the jungle that brings to life the rich island culture mixed with luxurious hospitality.

Secret Bay has been named one of the best hotels in the vanguard of sustainability and encompasses the essence of Caribbean luxury. It is also known as a villa rainforest resort and has been highlighted as a hidden sanctuary. The Secret Bay Hotel is famous for its sustainability and promotes the natural beauty of Dominica. Its unique structure attracts tourists as well as eco-friendly enthusiasts. The hotel offers a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea to tourists.

Dominica is a haven for adventure travelers seeking a unique vacation that includes hiking and adventure, cultural events/festivals, diving and water sports, whale/dolphin watching and canyoning adventures. Dominica lies south of Guadeloupe and north of Martinique in the Eastern Caribbean. Air travelers can connect to Dominica direct from Miami on American Airlines, and make regional connections on Air Antilles, Air Sunshine, Coastal Air Transport, interCaribbean Airways, LIAT, Caribbean Airlines, Silver Airways – (Code share: American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue), from the surrounding hubs of Antigua, Barbados, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, St Lucia, the British Virgin Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If travelling by sea, travelers may connect to Dominica on L’Express des Iles ferry service from Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St. Lucia, and on Val’Ferry from Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Dominica has faced huge devastation due to climate change such as tropical Storm Erika and Category 5 Hurricane Maria in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Even after the loss of 85 percent of the infrastructure in the country, it has been received efficiently and emerged as one of the great examples for others to take serious action on climate change. In an attempt to achieve the goal of becoming the first-ever climate-resilient nation, the country has constructed more than 5,000 concrete climate-resilient houses, hospitals, health centres, shelters, and schools. Along with that, Dominica has also been constructing a geothermal power plan to reduce its carbon footprint and generate clean energy.

The construction of all such resorts, climate-resilient infrastructure, and efforts of sustainable tourism has been made possible in Dominica due to its prestigious Citizenship by Investment Programme. The alternative citizenship of the country provides citizenship to the investors with the minimum amount of contribution of US $100,000 onwards. Along with citizenship, the programme also offers a plethora of benefits such as portfolio diversification, wealth planning, a chance to become a citizen of the world, and many more to investors.

The uncertainty of the future is the norm of life and everyone wants to escape the chaos of life. High net-worth individuals are always seeking a platform to secure their life and expand their business footprints. They are always looking for plan B which can mitigate their uncertainty in life and chance to explore the world of possibilities. In today’s world, everyone wants to gain limitless options and expand their business beyond borders. A restriction-free life loved by everyone and a bright future is everyone’s need. Hence, the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica is served as the perfect Plan B for investors who are looking for an enhanced lifestyle as well as endless chances of explorations.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica offers numerous benefits to investors which are as follows:

  • It opens doors to new opportunities which can help in achieving an enhanced lifestyle and quality of life
  • CBI Programme of Dominica give access to new markets and helps to take the business to new levels of success.
  • The alternative citizenship of Dominica opens routes to new opportunities for the business of HNWIs by expanding it beyond the boundaries.
  • It also works as the Plan B to mitigate any uncertainty in life and provide a secure future for their family and loved ones.
  • The Citizenship by Investment Programme serves as the ideal platform for entrepreneurs who wants to expand their start-ups in new markets.
  • It helps the investors to become the leader in the business world and make them enhance their footprints by connecting them to new resources.
  • It helps the investors to embark on the journey of new life and make them take steps toward their global future.
  • Investors can get easy access to new markets as well as a lifestyle beyond boundaries.
  • They can efficiently accelerate their business with the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica.
  • The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica works as the platform for business as well as travel goals. It fulfils all the dreams of the investors. B
  • Along with that, the CBI Programme also helps investors to strengthen their portfolio in their business world and make it suitable anywhere.
  • The alternative citizenship of Dominica helps in the efficient planning of the wealth and provides the chance to diversify it efficiently.
  • It gives citizenship for life which can be passed on to the next generations so that a bright future can be transferred to their coming generations.
  • The Commonwealth of Dominica is known as one of the fast-emerging, thriving economies, stable political environments and efficient tourism sectors. All these aspects make it the ideal destination for people who are seeking to spend their life in a stable and secure country.
  • The world is filled with chaos and political instability; hence CBI Programme of Dominica works as the perfect plan B for investors.
  • Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica has been ranked as the world’s best in the CBI Index 2022 of PWM Magazine of Financial Times. Hence, the CBI Programme of Dominica is the perfect Plan B for investors.

Almost 66% of Dominica is covered in lush forests, home to a variety of wildlife and flora, with dozens of plunging waterfalls and enough rivers for every day of the year. Hence its lifestyle and alternative citizenship work as the suitable platform for the investors.

Steps to Apply for Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica

  1. Choose an authorized agent
  2. Contact your authorized agent
  3. Background checks
  4. Discussion with the Dominica CBIU
  5. Payment and certification

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