Dominica celebrates 45th independence day today

Dominica’s independence is celebrated every year to commemorate its freedom on November 3. 

Dominica celebrates 45th independence day today

Dominica achieved independence from Britain in 1978 with Patrick Roland John as its first prime minister. Dominica’s independence is celebrated every year to commemorate its freedom on November 3.

In the spirit of Dominica’s 45th anniversary of independence, Cultural minister of Dominica Gretta Roberts has announced that the sequence of cultural events that ensures the attraction for everyone to enjoy.

The patriotic season has already kick started and there are many more upcoming events that will take place in the month of November 2023.

The events are curated carefully by the cultural division and government of Dominica. This celebration and season of cultural activities lasts for four week’s. The festivities celebrate music, dance, dress and cuisine.

The anniversary is being celebrated under the theme,”Anou Selebwe” meaning “ let us celebrate.”

Minister Robert has highlighted the importance of the theme stating,“This year’s independence theme is simple in expression but significant in meaning. It is a reminder that even in what may seem to be the most difficult times the indomitable Dominican spirit is always guaranteed to take us through.

She said,”As a government we have faced a succession of challenges both natural and man made yet we forge ahead fully cognizant of our sworn responsibilities to secure a brighter more hopeful future for our Dominican people. Our determination to not only survive but flourish and prosper and our strength and courage a people are why we celebrate.”

Gretta Robert also stated that the celebration will help the nation join hands, hearts, and minds and continue to build the nation. She further added that it helps to confront issues plaguing the nation’s development. It also fosters the prime ministers call for reset.

Chief cultural officer Earlson Matthew has urged the citizens to actively perform their social, environmental and cultural responsibilities through physical, emotional, moral or financial support.

On the Independence day, several wishes have been poured. People across the nation are celebrating its resilient growth .

Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit wished on the occasion saying,”On behalf of the government of Dominica, my cabinet colleagues and my family I wish every Dominican a happy 45th anniversary of independence.”

Government of India has congratulated the government and people of Dominica on their independence.

UAE leaders have congratulated the president of Dominica on this prestigious occasion.

“Warm greetings to FM Dr. Vince Henderson and the Government and people of the Commonwealth of Dominica on the 45th anniversary of their Independence.” Says Dr S.Jaishankar

President of Guyana, Ali also extended his wishes saying ,”On behalf of the people and the Government of Guyana, I extend congratulations to the people and Government of Dominica as they celebrate their 45th independence anniversary.”