Dominica calls for diplomatic actions to resolve political strife at Russia-Ukraine border

Dominica expresses concerns about situation along Russia-Ukraine broder

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit at 72 General Debate – 20 September
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit at 72 General Debate – 20 September

Roseau: The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica expressed concerns about the situation along the Russian Federation-Ukraine border.

Press release by the office of Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit states, “We believe that the issues relating to tensions between Russia and Ukraine, need to be addressed through diplomatic efforts. A military solution will not redound to the benefit of any nation.”

In view of the threat to international peace, the Dominican government added, “The matter poses a threat to international peace and security and will lead to unprecedented implications for the global community. The world can ill-afford armed conflict during this period of global uncertainty, which will result in adverse social and economic impacts; and political strife.”

“Dominica calls for de-escalation dialogue to ease tensions and secure a nonviolent resolution to the conflict; and the charting of a path to peace for the safety and security of all,” the press release concluded.

In a recent move, US President Joe Biden announced to send additional troops to Europe this week amid ongoing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, Moscow has also placed an estimated 100,000 troops along Ukraine’s borders but denies plans to invade. It is adamantly opposed to Ukraine being a member of the Nato military alliance.

Eight years ago, Russia grabbed Ukraine’s southern Crimea peninsula and backed a deadly rebellion in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas area, causing tensions.

Moscow accuses Ukraine of failing to follow the Minsk Agreement, an international agreement aimed at restoring peace in the east, where Russian-backed separatists controlled large swaths of land and at least 14,000 persons have been dead since 2014.

According to the US government, the US troops stationed in Ukraine will not fight in Ukraine, but rather protect their friends.