Dominica all set to construct world’s longest Detachable Monocable Cable Car with 6.6 km length

The Commonwealth of Dominica is all set to start the construction of the world's longest cable car project, with a length of Detachable Monocable Cable Car 6.6 kilometres long.

Dominica Cable Car
Dominica Cable Car

Roseau: The Commonwealth of Dominica is all set to start the construction of the world’s longest cable car project, with a length of Detachable Monocable Cable Car 6.6 kilometres long. The cable car project will provide a safe and quick passage to the boiling lake, for which it takes 6 hours trek.

According to reports, the project is expected to be completed in 2 years and will be recorded in the Guinness World Records as the longest cable car in the world, surpassing the ‘Ba Na Big’ Cable Car in Vietnam (5.8 kilometres long).

The Minister for Tourism, International Transport, and Maritime Initiates, Denise Charles, said that the cable car project would cost around $275 million. She believes that with the new project, Dominica will be placed at the top position in the region in terms of tourism.

“Visitors who are unable to hike the trail to the boiling lake would be able to use the cable car in return would be much faster than the six-hour hike,” Charles added.

The project will not only attract tourists across the world, but it will also generate extensive employment for locals. Sources revealed that over 100 Dominicans would get employment during the construction of the cable car project. However, after the completion of the project, another 100 Dominicans will be directly employed, and over 200 will get business and employment opportunities indirectly, such as taxi drivers, souvenir shops, local food vendors, tour guides and many others.

After the completion of the project, tourists visiting the neighbouring countries would be attracted to the home of mesmerising sights, and the ride of the cable car will be a prominent reason for this. Tourists visiting the nearby countries for a 7-day trip will include Dominica in their trip list for around 1-2 days. This means that this project would also benefit the hotel industry.

Outdoor Engineers – (a European company based in Switzerland) conducted a feasibility survey in Dominica, which revealed that the completion of the cable car project would boom tourism in the Caribbean country by three times. It also stated that during the current cruise season, Dominica hosts about two cruise ships every day, and after the cable car project, cruise calls will increase to at least six a day.

Oswald Graber, President of Outdoor Engineers, said that they had completed over 150 cable car projects, and he believes Dominica’s cable car project is going to be the most wonderful tour across the world. He further stated that Dominica’s cable car journey would include breathtaking scenic views of nature as the cable car will tour over two waterfalls, rainforests, untouched mountains, world’s second-largest boiling lake, among many other beautiful wonders of nature.

Currently, only 20% of travellers disembark cruise ships to explore Dominica, but the numbers will significantly increase to over 50% after the cable car is constructed as it will give an easy pathway to travellers looking to witness the unspoiled nature of the island and the boiling lake.

The cable car will be proven to be an environmentally friendly way to commute people to the boiling while giving scenic views of nature.

According to reports, a single cruise ship holds approximately 5,000 passengers, and two cruise ships embarking on Dominican shores brings 10,000 in total. While six cruise ships will carry about 30,000 passengers, from which the Outlook company states that 15,000 passengers will visit Dominica each day during the season. This means tourism will multiply by seven times, providing enormous opportunities for residents.

The surveys also revealed that the project would not only provide a boost to tourism but will also uplift tour guides. As soon as the project initiates functioning, there will be a pressing need for tour guides as many people are expected to use cable cars for a one-way journey and use trek for the other. It is reported that the places where cable cars have been functioning, the demand for tour guides has significantly increased by over ten times. There are over 20,000 cable cars operating around the world, with a win-win situation for all sectors.

The journey will provide passage through Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is centred on the 1,342-meter-high volcano, lush tropical forest merges with spectacular volcanic features of significant scientific importance. Morne Trois Pitons National Park, with its precipitous slopes and deeply incised valleys, 50 fumaroles, hot springs, three freshwater lakes, a ‘boiling lake,’ and five volcanoes located on the park’s nearly 7,000 ha, presents a rare combination of natural features of World Heritage value, together with the richest biodiversity in the Lesser Antilles.

It is noteworthy that Dominica’s Morne This Pitons National Park was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Till now, the island country has received only US $18,000 monetary assistance from the UN organisation.

Dominica, a volcanic island in the Lesser Antilles, has a rocky mountain range with steep volcanoes and deep valleys as its natural spine. The priceless beauties to display that world must-see, and now it will be only possible with the cable car project.

The surveys revealed that every place in the world had witnessed at least a threefold increase in tourism after the installation of cable cars. In some regions, many cable car rides are fully booked and have a waiting period of 2 to 3 weeks.