Does soul remain near body even after death? know complete fact

Death is a truth that everyone faces. But man always tries to run away from this truth. But some people have faced death, but after some time, their life is returned to their body again.

US: Death is a truth that everyone faces. But man always tries to run away from this truth. But some people have faced death, but after some time, their life is returned to their body again.

 Out of this, many people remembered those moments in which they had died for the world, but they were living in another world. However, science did not accept these things. Still does not agree. Science has not yet reached where un-solved questions related to life after death still exist. But Dr. Bruce Grayson spent his 50 years exploring these experiences of life and death.

Dr. Bruce Grayson has written such things related to the whole world in his book ‘After,’ which is surprising to people. He also wrote about his own 50-year-old experience, which happened to him. The price of this book ‘After’ is only 16.77 Euros, i.e., 1475 rupees, which includes death and post-death experiences.

According to a DailyMail report, Dr. Bruce Grayson has mentioned a woman named Hawley. Whom his roommate Sujan brought to him. Holly had taken an overdose of sleeping pills, and his pulse had stopped. Holly’s body was in the operation theater, and Dr. Bruce Grayson took her roommate down to ask her something. 

During this time, tomato sauce fell on his tie. Because of which he changed his tie. Holly’s breath was closed during this time. And then, after a lot of difficulties, his breath was attached. During this, Dr. Bruce Grayson added breaths by giving shock on his chest. But when Dr. Bruce Grayson met Holly the other day and started to introduce himself, Holly stopped him from introducing him, and then what he told Dr. Bruce changed the direction of Dr. Bruce’s life.

Holly said that when she called her roommate Sujan down and was talking, she went down in pursuit of both of them. There was ‘something’ on his tie, which he changed. Keep in mind that Holly’s breath was closed at that time, and her body was lying in the operation theater. Holly told Dr. Bruce that she had known him since last night. Well, after this, Bruce started investigating life after death. He has compiled many interesting experiences in his book. One story of which is that of 56-year-old lorry driver Al Sullivan.

Al Sullivan suffered a severe heart attack. He was unconscious. And his heart had almost stopped working. But Al Sullivan remembered what had happened to him in that operation theater. Al Sullivan was rescued with great difficulty, but when he regained consciousness after a few days, he asked his operative Dr. why he was moving his hand while performing his heart operation and why things were not with his own hand. Were showing Dr. was surprised to hear this.

In fact, Al Sullivan shared his experience with Dr. Bruce Grayson. He said that when he was undergoing his operation, he was still next door. And the doctors were treating him with his whole body; he was getting angry with him. During his bypass surgery, the doctors were raising their hands and showing them things. In such a situation, when he himself asked the doctor about this, it was bound to be a surprise. Because the patient, who was performing the operation to save his life, claims that he was near his body and was watching everything. 

Later Bruce contacted the doctor, so he himself confirmed it. And also surprised that I was moving his hands so that no one’s hands go everywhere and the infection does not spread. But the patient was experiencing this himself; it was surprising. In another anecdote Dr. Bruce shared, he saw his mother died about 20 years ago at the time of a person’s operation, which looked very young.

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