DLP brings new names of 5 candidates ahead of general elections 

The opposition party - DLP - Democratic Labour Party has announced the names of five more candidates to contest the next general elections on Thursday. 

Barbados: The opposition party – DLP – Democratic Labour Party of Barbados has announced the names of five more candidates to contest the next general elections on Thursday. 

Despite this, the opposition has also launched a new website to show that the party is working diligently across the island to prepare for the constitutionally due poll in 2022.

DLP President – Verla DePeiza stated, “We have approved 26 of the 30 constituencies, but we would continue to release the names of candidates in small batches.”

“I would caution that we cannot name just yet due to job sensitivity, but once approved, they are all on the ground interacting with the people. In fact, we had some potential candidates that were not even confirmed and were busy in the constituencies, so we could not tell them no.”

The new candidates announced are – 

  • Neil Marshall (who would be carrying the party’s banner in St. Philip South), 
  • Paul Gibson ( a former member of the United Progressive Party and the opposition People’s Party for Democracy and Development, who will be running in St. James Central),
  •  Andrew Haynes in Christ Church West,
  •  Dawn Marie Armstrong in St. George South and 
  • Charles Worrell in St. James North.

DLP president further asserted, “The people of Barbados would see that their servant leaders are not about the bragging, not simply about speaking, but are about achievements and activity.”

Following the statement, she further noted that each member of the DLP who wanted to hold a position in the party was qualified to do so and had to go through well-established procedures within the organisation.”

The party president also asserted that DLP is willing to form a coalition with any group. 

On the launch of the new website, DePeiza asserted, “It came about because the former website was too static, so we wanted to create and develop one that was more in tune with 21st century needs, more inviting and more interactive.”

DLP added that this site would enable visitors to learn more about the party and get involved in different areas; for instance, they can vote or make donations. 

The IT specialists of DLP further informed that “This is only the first phase; in the next one, we would be launching a mobile app which would be directly connected to the website.”