DLP asks government to relax restrictions as Barbados records 25 cases in 2 weeks

Barbados island has recorded only twenty-five cases in the past two weeks.

Barbados: Barbados island has recorded only twenty-five cases in the past two weeks.

DLP – Democratic Labour Party expressed its joy on the news via social media and congratulated all the citizens for following the COVID-19 protocols and encouraged people to keep following the health protocols.

According to the DLP’s point of view, this milestone has signalled the government to put relaxation on the restrictions on commercial activity on Sundays, and the businesses should be permitted to work on Sundays with the proper protocols in place.

DLP stated, “Micro and small businesses are the ones that are suffering the most as this closure is causing vendors, landscapers, car valets, hairdressers, barbers, nail technicians and many more to lose out on opportunities to earn much-needed income.”

“One day for a micro or small business owner not to earn can be a difference between utilities being terminated or not being able to feed a family.”

Following the statement, Ryan Walters, Spokesperson on Small Business and Entrepreneurship added, “The Minister of Entrepreneurship and Small Business has been using words and much talk to convince the people of Barbados that the government is in tune with the plight of the small man.”

He added, “While their words have way exceeded their actions, this is a prime opportunity for the government to show that it has some level of compassion and empathy for the sector and the impact that the state of the economy is having on micro and small businesses.”

The minister also pointed out that Barbados currently is facing a period of recession amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the spending is down, and the unemployment rate is highest than ever, and the government should not be unnecessarily depriving the sector of getting back on its feet.

The party concluded by saying, “Small and micro businesses keep the economic wheels rolling, and the treatment meted out to them by Government can best be described as shabby. The DLP is again pleading with the Government to show it cares through people-focused policy decisions.”