Diego Martin businessman found dead after shooting attack

Businessman became victim of fatal shooting in Diego Martin, a town in the north western part of Trinidad, on Tuesday, 19 March.

Family became victim of robbery in Penal, man got assaulted. Image Credit: Facebook, The Newnan Times-Herald
Family became victim of robbery in Penal, man got assaulted. Image Credit: Facebook, The Newnan Times-Herald

Trinidad and Tobago: A well-known businessman became the victim of a fatal shooting attack by a suspect in the locality of Diego Martin, a town in the northwestern part of Trinidad, on Tuesday, 19 March.

The deceased victim of the shooting attack was the owner of MK Promotions and Auto Spa on Agnes Field Road, along Richplain Road in Diego Martin. The victim is identified as Matthew Khan, also known as MK.

As per the sources, the businessman was gunned down on the day while he was sitting in his motor vehicle, standing along Waterwheel Road when a suspect approached him with aggression. The suspect was carrying a gun with him which he used to threaten and eventually kill the victim.

It is said that the armed suspect went to the businessman and asked him to get out of his motor vehicle at gunpoint and subsequently shot him multiple times. The reason behind the attack is assumed to be the death of the businessman.

The sound of the shooting was loud and was heard by the residents in the neighbourhood who came out of their houses with concern to find out the reason behind it. The suspect of the Diego Martin shooting attack on a businessman fled from the crime scene to save himself.

The local people found the blood-covered body of the businessman at the place and immediately reported the crime to the law enforcement agency. The officers from the local police department took instant charge in response to the report of a crime in their territory and went to the scene.

The police officers were instantly ordered to seize the crime scene and started with the investigation and inquiries in the locality. The victim businessman at the crime scene was already found dead by the police officers for which they summoned the designated medical officer.

The removal of the dead body of the victim was ordered after the examination of the body. The designated medical officer arrived at the shooting site of Diego Martin and made his pronouncement after an examination of the body of the victim.

In this month of March, this is the second murder case recorded in the region of Diego Martin till now. The previous murder case was reported on Wednesday, 6 March, where a 55-year-old man was shot dead near his home.

The deceased victim of the last murder case by the shooting in Diego Martin was identified as Vince Deckle, also known by his common name of Dublo. He was a foreman with the unemployment relief programme.