Dennis and McClaren dies in Morvant shooting by three fake cops

Dennis and McClaren, became victim of fatal shooting by three assailants dressed in tactical gear as cops on Tuesday in Morvant.

Dennis and McClaren died in Morvant shooting. Image credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago
Dennis and McClaren died in Morvant shooting. Image credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: Two men, Dennis and McClaren, became the victim of a fatal shooting by three unknown assailants dressed in tactical gear as cops on the night of Tuesday, 16 January, near Building D at Paradise Heights in Morvant, a locality in Trinidad.

The deceased victims of the shooting in Morvant are identified as a 26-year-old man named Shaqkeem Dennis and a 19-year-old man named Israel McClaren.

As per the statement of the police department, the incident happened on the day when the victim, with a group of men, was liming near Building D at Paradise Heights of Morvant under a tent.

While they were enjoying themselves together, a dark-coloured van approached them. From the vehicle, three individuals came out who were wearing tactical gear as police officers.

The suspects in tactical gear introduced themselves to the group. Suddenly, within a moment, they started shooting at the group of men. After observing an unexpected attack, the individuals in the place started running to save their lives.

Eventually, the shooting of Morvant led to two causalities, among whom Shaqkeem Dennis lost his life immediately at the scene and Israel McClaren got injured. Straight after the attack, the suspects left the place and fled with their van.

The police department was instantly reported about Dennis and McClaren, the victim of the shooting incident in the area of Morvant. In response, the officers from the local police department took charge and went to the scene.

After visiting the shooting site, police officers confirmed the report and took control of the area for early investigation.

Offices from the North Eastern Division Task Force and the Besson Street CID went to the shooting scene to collect the evidence against the suspects.

After investigating the shooting site, police officers recovered 18 spent shells of 7.62 bullets and 14 spent shells of 5.56 bullets that were fired in the shooting.

On the shooting scene of Morvant, officers found the lifeless body of Dennis who was declared dead and McClaren who was bleeding from the gunshot wounds.

The wounded victim was transferred to the hospital under medical observation. they lost his life after all the efforts of the medical staff and was declared dead officially.

The people of the communities around Morvant after knowing death of victims, Dennis and McClaren, in the incident of shooting are worried about the security and safety of the region.

People are asking the police department for a quick resolution of the case and to confirm the safety of the people around them by managing security.

People are also saying, “How they got tactical gear like police officers? It don’t look like it is sold in normal market. It is definatly involve the way of black marketing or something like this.”

The police department is conducting inquiries and investigating to find the clues related to the shooting, which can lead them to arrest the culprits. Police officers are also trying to figure out the reason for the crime.

People are demanding justice for the victims and are hoping for the betterment of their families.