Cuba ships first shipment of Abdala COVID-19 vaccine to Vietnam

Cuba to ship first shipment of Abdala COVID-19 vaccine to Vietnam
Cuba to ship first shipment of Abdala COVID-19 vaccine to Vietnam

Three shot Abdala COVID-19 vaccine that is Cuba’s homegrown vaccine, is ready for shipment. This shipment is being sent to Vietnam. This is said to be the first shipment of the Cuba COVID-19 vaccine.

Cuba had promised that it would be sending 5 million vaccines to various South- Asian countries. This shipment to Vietnam is included in the contract. The Cuban scientist had developed this vaccine to use them in the fight against Coronavirus. These all vaccines have been still in the queue of getting verification from the World Health Organisation.

State-run pharmaceutical corporation BioCubaFarma tweeted that earlier the week, they had manufactured sufficient doses to reach a target to vaccinate more than 90% of the total local population by the mid of November month.

They further stated that they had the ability to manufacture 100 million doses of their 3 homegrown vaccines Abdala, Soberana 2 and Soberana Plus. These vaccines had 90% reaction rate against the COVID-19 virus, health officials stated.

The vice-president of BioCubaFarma – Mayda Mauri, said, “Once we meet the demand of domestic supply, Cuba will then start supplying vaccines to other nations, including Iran and Venezuela. There are very advanced discussions and exchanges on regulatory matters with Argentina and with other nations in various regions of the world.”

Vietnam, Argentina and Mexico have stated that they hope to manufacture the Cuban vaccines soon in their countries. Reuters give this statement.

The economic sectors have been badly affected by the 

The Cuban Government had permitted some of the areas with the lower number of COVID-19 cases have been allowed to open shopping centres in the area and beaches.

The Government has been planning for easing the restriction to make the country prepare for the high tourist season. This restriction uplift has been proved to be beneficial for overcoming the terrible financial crisis.