Couva girl gets assaulted at the parking of Gulf City Mall

A girl was assaulted by a teenage boy due to an argument over the parking space at Gulf City Mall in Couva, Trinidad, on Sunday, 17 December.

Couva girl got assaulted at the parking of Gulf City Mall. Image Credit: Facebook Trinidad Tobago
Couva girl got assaulted at the parking of Gulf City Mall. Image Credit: Facebook Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: An 18-year-old girl was assaulted by a teenage boy due to an argument over the parking space at Gulf City Mall in Couva, an urban town in the west-central part of Trinidad, on Sunday, 17 December.

As per the report, the victim doesn’t want to share her identity with the public, and she wishes to stay anonymous for now.

In the conversation about the incident of assault, she said that she went to the mall that day for Christmas shopping with her mother, sister and her boyfriend around 3:00 pm.

After they went to the mall parking, she got out of the car to help her boyfriend in reverse parking safely to the spot near TGIF.

As per the statement of the victim, that was the moment when a woman who was going in the opposite direction attempted to grab that spot.

This stunt of hers nearly caused an accident where she hit the side view mirror of the victim’s car and stopped just short of the victim.

The actual argument which led to the assault was initiated when a young boy got out of the woman’s car.

The victim and the young boy both started a heated argument over the issue of parking while the mother was trying to calm down the situation.

A short video of the incident was recorded by the sister of the victim present at the moment. The video clearly shows the young boy, who appears to be a teenager, arguing with the victim girl and her mother is trying to stop them by intervening in between.

As the heated argument between both went out of hand, the boy lost his control and ended with assault by punching her in the face.

Just after the moment of the assault, local police were informed about the incident, in response to which the officer went to the Gulf City Mall to observe the situation.

A uniformed officer arrived at the victim and asked her to visit the San Fernando Police Station to file an official report against the culprit and also take medical assistance.

In the attack by the young boy, his punch broke her eyeglasses with her nose.

For medical attention, the victim was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital under the observation of an ear, throat and nose specialist.

After observing the wounds, the specialist said that the hit was so brutal that the nose was swollen a lot, and in such a condition, it is possible to fix the fracture right now.

The victim will stay under a strong dose of painkillers for nearly two weeks until 2 January 2024. After that time, the situation of the broken nose will be observed, and if it is fine, surgery will be initiated under general anaesthetic to fix the nose bone back to the place.

The victim girl and her family and friends are filled with emotion now as she said that during this time, she is in extreme pain and wet with tears.

It is also very painful because this is the time of the festival, and she will not be able to celebrate Christmas and New Year with her loved ones.

It is not just that she is emotional, but she is also having difficulty eating, sleeping and breathing, especially at night, due to extreme pain.

The victim mentioned her disappointment about the day of the assault that no one from the car on the other side got out to take control of the boy and stop him.

As per the statement of the mother of the victim, It was the woman in the other car, who looked like the mother of the boy, was the reason for everything as she sparked the situation.

The mother said, “If she didn’t pull down her window and started cursing and carrying on and driving towards us as if she wanted to hit the vehicle that we were in, I don’t think that young man would have come outside and be in such a haste, and my daughter would not be in such a position now.”

Police have recorded the statements of both sides and also collected the CCTV footage of the time of the assault from the cameras around the area, which can act as valid evidence.

As per the police department, the perpetrators of assault could soon face the charges of causing bodily harm and malicious damage to the victim.