CONCACAF Women Gold Cup: Dominica wins first match against Antigua

CONCACAF Women Gold Cup: Dominica wins first match against Antigua
CONCACAF Women Gold Cup: Dominica wins first match against Antigua

Roseau, Dominica: Dominica secured its first victory against Antigua and Barbuda in the 2023 CONCACAF Women Gold Cup Qualifiers on Sunday, October 29, 2023. The match was held at the ABFA Technical Centre in Antigua and Barbuda.

Despite the home field advantage for the Antigua and Barbuda Women, Dominica won 2-1. Antigua and Barbuda had the edge in the start over Dominica, with Nicelle Drew converting from open play in the 4th minute. Dominica regrouped and fought relentlessly in the heavy rains.

The team missed a chance in the 11th minute, causing Kylee Bertrand’s shot on goal to be intercepted by Antigua’s Kai Jacobs. However, in the 19’, Dominica was able to capitalize on an opportunity when Starr Humphreys was awarded a penalty shot.

Humphreys, with a confident kick, got the ball into the back of the net, leveling the score at 1-1. From thereon, there was a resurgence among the Dominica women, who by then had set a record for scoring for the first time in this qualifier.

At the start of the second half, both teams doubled down and the rain eased off. Antigua & Barbuda missed a goal-scoring opportunity with a shot on goal by Jessica Miller-Ulmer, which was stopped by Dominica’s GK Celia Gregoire.

Dominica got another break, and in the 81st minute the ball reached Humphrey’s feet. The Dominica Center Attacking Midfielder was able to hit a direct shot off the Antigua & Barbuda keeper, and into the net.

The game continued with a lot of tension as the Antigua & Barbuda team looked for an equalizer. Tensions flared up in the 90’ of play, while the opponents could not put up with Dominica’s lead in the game.

Dominica’s Jessica Pierre-Louis was not caught sleeping, when she successfully caught a ball shot on goal by Antigua and Barbuda’s Virginia Simon in the 95’. The final whistle blew with an added 11 minutes, in favour of Dominica.

The team of Dominica included:

  • Celia Gregoire (GK)
  • Kasika Samuel (RB)
  • Kira Bertrand (CB)
  • Kylee Bertrand (CB)
  • Jessica Pierre Louis (LB)
  • Aliane George (RM)
  • Starr Humphreys (CAM)
  • Sari Finn (CM)
  • Romelcia Phillip (LM)
  • Britney Dennis (CF)
  • Le-Myah Forde (CF).

The substitutes that were brought onto the field for this match were Keanna Francis, Kenisha Jno. Lewis, Ezra Elwin, Ch’ina Tulloch, and Amiah Gilbert.

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