Clarendon police seizes rifles and guns in a raid, 3 arrested

Clarendon police arrested 3 suspects with illegal rifles and guns in a successful raid conducted on Friday, 19 January.

33-year-old man remanded in charge of St Catherine robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
33-year-old man remanded in charge of St Catherine robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Jamaica: Three men were arrested by police officers in a raid, which resulted in the seizure of 12 rifles and 13 guns from an unregistered security company in Clarendon, a parish in the south of Jamaica, on the morning of Friday, 19 January, around 10:30 am. The identity of the suspects is not confirmed yet.

The successful raid led to the recovery of weapons, including five 303 rifles and seven 0.22 rifles possessed without any permission by three suspects. The illegal ammunition of 9mm and 10.38 rounds were found near the garbage in a plastic bag.

As per the reports, the raid took place after an incident on Thursday night when police officers stopped a white Toyota Probox motorcar at Waterman Street in Hayes in Clarendon at nearly 10:30 pm.

After observing police officers on the way, the car stopped at a distance and started reversing. The action raised suspicion to the police officers. Anyhow, the car was stopped, and a search was conducted on the spot.

In the search of the vehicle, police officers found a firearm kept under the floor mat of the front passenger seat. Among the two individuals sitting in the car, one was a security guard who claimed ownership of the firearm.

The security guard mentioned that it was a BB gun which is used for work purposes. The two suspects were immediately taken into custody by the police officers, and interrogation was started.

The raid was conducted on the morning of the next day at nearly 10:30 am on the basis of the collected information by members of the Clarendon Quick Response Team. The third suspect was also arrested on the same day.

The intelligence-led officers to an empty left property on Bryant’s Crescent in May Pen of Clarendon, where illegal firearms and ammunition were discovered by officers in a successful raid.

People of the communities around Clarendon, after hearing the incident of the raid, which seized illegal rifles and guns with three arrests, are sharing their opinions on the matter.

People are saying, “So many illegal firearms and ammunition. What were they doing? Providing security or running a gang. It is great work of our officers who caught them. These people could have caused so many crimes and affected so many innocents.”

People also appreciated the efforts of our police department and said, “We are noticing our police is getting successful back to back around the nation. In the last few days, so many criminals have been caught before committing any crime. Maybe soon our police will be seen as one of the best in the world.”

The police department is conducting interrogations to extract more information, which could lead to the exploration of more such criminal activities in the region so that officers can neutralise it before time.