Christmas bells ringing in Nevis, know events

Nevis is gearing up for the upcoming festive season of Christmas as different events for communities have been announced

Christmas in Nevis
Christmas in Nevis

Nevis is gearing up for the upcoming festive season of Christmas as different events for communities have been announced.

The department of community development is presenting Miracle on Main Street featuring Santa’s corner on Friday, December 15th, 2023. the event will take place at main street, Charlestown in Nevis from 10Am to 6PM.

The event will host various cultural performances including the lancer dance, fisherman dance, cake walk string band music, steelpan and more. food and drinks will be available for purchase from various vendors including the Nevis Agro- processing unit and abattoir Division.

The Nevisian heritage village is hosting Christmas event on 9th December 2023 from 2Pm to 7PM. The event will have string band, Christmas Carols, Steel Pan Music and much more.

The Nevis Range is also hosting an event for Christmas 2023 on 9th and 10th December 2023. It will include Santa’s Grotto, Christmas Market, Treasure Hunt for Kids, Reindeer Food Stall, Bike Scavenger Hunt for Adults and Hot Chocolate and Cookies.

The magic of Christmas in Nevis is not just confined to a day, it was a season filled with vibrant preparations.

From cutting wood for coal pits to clean-ups and delicious feasts, every corner of the island buzzes with excitement

During Christmas, women craft cakes, sew curtains, and local brewers create a lively ‘Jumbie Table’ with local brews like wine, jukes, and sorrel.

But the true enchantment lay in the Colourful troupes parading through villages—actors, musicians, and dancers spreading festive cheer.

The anticipation when the postman’s whistle echoes bring joy and builds connections with faraway relatives.

As Christmas Eve approaches, homes transform with new curtains, linoleum carpets, and vibrant decorations replace the old ones.

On New Year’s Eve, midnight mass fills churches to the brim, setting the stage for New Year’s Day horse racing and the grand finale of traditional Christmas Folklore Troupes

The atmosphere in local shops turns lively with impromptu rehearsal spaces and shopkeepers rallying support for the upcoming performances.